Lay report – 1st daygame lay – May 2015

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It was a beautiful day mid May, I’d taken the afternoon off to do daygame and was walking through town solo talking to women. I’ve no idea how many girls I opened that day and I can only very vaguely remember any other sets. There was a harsh blowout from a French girl early on I recall, I think I spoke to a British hippie moron girl that had no idea I was trying to pick her up.

I saw her at Piccadilly Circus around 2. She had her hair died blue and had a lovely figure with a pretty face, a backpack on her back and an old school map in her hands. She looked young. I hesitated, she looked a bit too young but I found her really hot and I thought if she’s backpacking on her own she had to be old enough.

I opened by telling her that she looked cute and that her blue hair made her look like a sexy smurf. I rambled on about Smurfette being lucky to have so many men around. She hooked well, she was from Cologne in Germany and we talked a bit about the cathedral there then she asked for directions to a hostel. I pointed her in the right direction and said I’d like to catch up again sometime, at that point she volunteered her number, I didn’t even have to ask for it!

I carried on my day, met up with Vaughn and ended up doing some night game in Shoreditch. I ended the day with 7 numbers, a record that stands to this day. I’d guess I opened about 30 sets in total.

Text game ensued:

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My text game at this stage wasn’t brilliant but despite one flake I managed to get her out.

I arrived at Bethnal Green wholly expecting her to flake but as I walked out the tube station I saw her sat on the railings. Damn she looked good. She’d put on some make up and her nubile 18 year old body was plain to see even in her grunge clothes. In fact she looked exactly like the sort of girl I was desperate to fuck but never did when I was 18.

As we walked to the first venue she said “either you’ve come to meet me to fuck which is ok, or you just want some innocent fun which is fine, or you want to hurt me in which case I will hurt you.”

“Wow, this girl seems up for it” I thought but also knew it could be a shit test, fuck this up and potentially you’re not getting laid. I replied “Well I’ve picked one but I’ll let you work out what it is.”

I didn’t want to seem too keen, she still had to win me over a bit.

In the first place we sat in the sun and drank beer, we talked about books then played Fuck, Marry, Kill. I gave her 2 guys and a girl to choose from, she opted to fuck the girl and kill both of the guys.

I was following Tom Torero’s date model so bounced to venue 2, on the way she told me she was 18 and had just finished her A-level equivalent in Germany. The second venue was a pub with a good corner sofa, she bought me a beer, she had a water, it seemed on so I pulled her in and kissed her. Physical escalation was something I’d always struggled with but it had worked for me recently in night game and I just went for it. The rule is, if you think you can kiss her you could probably have kissed her 10 minutes ago.

We talked about books then played Fuck, Marry, Kill. I gave her 2 guys and a girl to choose from, she opted to fuck the girl and kill both of the guys.

She kissed passionately and I tugged on her hair with my hand, she was horny. I went to the bathroom and ordered an uber. The date lasted about an hour. We were fairly quiet in the cab back to mine and when we got back we fucked pretty much straight away, no youtube, no LMR. I remember looking down at her while I fucked her from behind thinking “fuck me, I FUCKING LOVE DAYGAME.”

I’d guess she was somewhere around my 70th daygame open and in retrospect this girl was a gift from the daygame gods, she couldn’t have been more of a yes girl, she wanted to fuck. All I had to do was navigate a bit of shit on text and not completely fuck up. She was exactly my type of girl, exactly the type of girl I wanted to fuck when I was a teenager and not getting laid and here I was at 33 fucking her, 15 years my junior. It was AWESOME and definitely gave me the encouragement to keep on the path.


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