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I met Vaughn last night for some after work daygame on Oxford street, conditions were trying. It started to rain the moment I got to Oxford Circus at around 7:30. I opened a couple of girls while waiting for Vaughn but it was pissing down and the rain definitely wasn’t helping so when Vaughn arrived our first priority was to buy a couple of umbrellas.

It was still proving a little difficult stopping girls as I now had an umbrella in one hand and for reasons I will explain later I had a box of sex toys that I’d ordered off the internet in the other. Fortunately they were discreetly packaged. In essence with both hands tied up I couldn’t use them to motion a stop so we ended up taking turns carrying the box.

We set about our work with vim and vigour taking it in turns to open. I managed to number close a cute English student (yes, you read that right, English) and had another set with an English girl that crackled with sexual energy but wouldn’t give me a her number as she had a boyfriend, clearly she wasn’t feeling particularly hypergamous. Vaughn number closed a 19 year old French chick who he regrets not idating.

By about 9:15 the rain is coming down in sheets and my feet are wet, had I known I’d be out I’d have dressed differently and worn some boots, I’m getting ready to call it a night. Then I see a cute looking girl walking towards us. Wait! Was that the rarest of things in London, an IOI. I go in and open with some rambling statement about her coat and her cute little face, she hooks and it turns out she’s a Russian and here for work for a couple of days.

I suggest a drink, she agrees and I walk her to all bar one on Regent Street. It’s pretty busy so we find a spot at the end of the bar and I order the drinks, wine for her and a beer for me. I do some teasing and challenging (frankly challenging comes naturally to me as I’m an opinionated and pedantic bastard). I’m also mixing in some kino, primarily incidental touching.

When a table comes free we move to sit down, I decide to try something I learnt at the Outlaws of Daygame seminar from Tom Torero, Beckster’s 3. The first part of which is to say something along the lines of beauty is common (it’s not) but you look for 3 things in women specifically, the first of which is nice smelling hair, she then smells her own hair and then you lean in and smell it. Now I don’t know if it was my delivery or the routine itself but it BOMBS she thinks that liking nice smelling hair is just plain weird, I find the whole thing hilarious and can’t stop laughing.

I then bounce her to Milk and Honey which is a private members club around the corner of which I’m a member, it also features heavily in Krauser’s book Balls Deep. It’s a great venue because there’s great seating, as a member you pretty much always get a table and it’s very dark, perfect for kiss close.

We’re sat in the basement, it’s quiet down there and we’re in the corner of a booth. I give her a hug and she leans into me for a bit. We play the question game and I ask her about her first time kissing a boy, it’s at this point I kiss her. We kiss for a minute or so and I pull away, we talk some more and kiss some more. I put her hand on my dick and she squeezes and rubs it through my trousers, time to extract, I get the bill.

Before we leave we go to go to the bathroom, I hadn’t exactly planned this but we both end up in the same cubicle. I have actually fucked a girl in the bathroom here before but although we make out and she rubs my dick some more she pulls back and it’s not happening here. I slip into the other cubicle (incidentally the toilets here are great for fucking) and manage to piss once my hardon has subsided.

I tell her I’ll escort her back to her hotel but I can only come in for one cup of tea, we jump on a bus to her hotel.

When we get there it’s pretty shit, I imagine it’s very cheap by London standards, she picks up her luggage and key for the room and I say I will carry her luggage up. As we’re going up the stairs the hotel manager calls up after us “Hello, HELLO, sir, what room are you staying in?”

I shout back “I’m just helping her with her luggage.”

He says in a superior, obnoxious tone “There are no visitors allowed in guests rooms, you must come STRAIGHT back down.”

I say “I’ll be down in 30 minutes.”

He replies “You must come straight back down sir, no visitors allowed in the rooms!”

For fucks fucking sake! I’m getting fucking cock blocked by the jobsworth manager of a shit hotel. I should probably just have gone back down and bribed him but I followed her up to her room anyway and went in. The room was pretty shit and there was only a communal bathroom which she wasn’t happy about, the mood had soured.  We did make out again and I got my dick out which she jerked off a bit while we kissed but she was worried about the manager and in the end I had to leave.

Annoyingly she’s here for a couple more days and has already been messaging me today. These are the exact same days that Daenerys, my Hungarian 9 is coming to visit (which is the reason I had the sex toys). Player problems eh. Oh well Daenerys has got a face like a young Cameron Diaz and the body of an underwear model so I can’t complain.

It’s still amazing to think this sort of thing goes on and that I’m part of it, the Secret Society as it’s often referred. If you’d told me 2 years ago that I’d be plucking cute Russians off Oxford Street and coming close to fucking them I wouldn’t have believed you.


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