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Lay Report – Black Christian good girl

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This was my 2nd daygame lay, I remember it well because it was my 2nd daygame lay! But also because it was a beautiful day which I had to take off work because I had a horrendous case of the shits.

It was a beautiful June day and the sun came streaming into my bedroom, my alarm was going off and I got up and immediately glued myself to the shitter for the next hour. This was not good. I text my boss from the toilet and told him I wouldn’t be in, my body seemed to have been filled with dirty water over night which now needed release.

I’d opened her the week before. She was a very pretty black girl, I’d go so far as to say she’s an 8. She was in fact only girl I’d opened that day in fact, I’d been with my business partner and she’d IOI’d me as she came out of the tube at Monument. I’d been telling him about my daygame and wanted to show off so I opened her, it went well and I got her number, texting was straight forward and we’d arranged a date.

She was 24, a Christian and lived in Hammersmith, an English girl from a not great neighbourhood…

Nowadays a chronic case of gut rot would mean I’d probably rearrange but back then my frame wasn’t so strong and I was keen as mustard to get another notch.

I spent the day reading through my new copy of the best book you can buy on daygame, Daygame Mastery by Nick Krauser, it’s easily worth double the £60 cost. Krauser says this is a reference encyclopaedia for daygame and not something you should read from cover to cover. It’s a fantastic book but frankly if you’ve got a decent brain for retaining information you should read it from cover to cover and then reread it. I spent the day reading through the date section particularly and I’m glad I did as it almost certainly got me laid.

In the afternoon I was feeling a bit better and dosed myself up on Immodium, I headed into town to meet her at Embankment station. She arrived on time and looked great, she’d definitely taken time to get ready and was extremely well put together, I on the other had was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and trainers.

I ran Krauser’s date model pretty much as is with one exception, he recommends the first venue is non-alcoholic, I wasn’t quite ready for non alcoholic bits so we drank in all venues. I’d arrived early and scouted all my venues out as I hadn’t run this date before. The first venue was (and still is) a hidden gem, we got a table outside easily despite the glorious weather, sitting opposite each other so I could make good eye contact.

Turns out she was 24, a Christian and lived in Hammersmith, an English girl from a not great neighbourhood but who had been brought up well. Despite living in London all her life she’d never been to the area before, this was basically the centre of town! She was a nice girl, a good girl.

After an hour or so I bounced her to venue 2, Gordons Wine bar it was very busy. I got a bottle of white and we stood outside. I start doing some Kino and running some DHV stories. It was going well so I bounced her to Dirty Martini’s in Covent Garden, a venue that appears in quite a few of my lays. She was hanging on to my arm on the way.

In venue 3 she got a bottle of wine and I found us some seats in a booth. We were getting close, my hand on her leg when she said “Just to let you know, I don’t kiss on the first date.”

She was all over me in the cab, sitting on my hand, rubbing my cock, telling me how horny she is.

Now a few months prior this would have thrown me, if I hadn’t spent the day absorbing Mastery I might have fucked up. The reality is this is both a shit test and a buying signal, she’s clearly thinking about kissing me which is why she mentioned it. My response was “That’s fine, I respect your position but I’m the man and it’s my job to try and I am going to try in about 5 minutes.”

We talk a bit more and I go in for the kiss and she’s all over me, I extract and we get in a black cab to mine. She was all over me in the cab, sitting on my hand, rubbing my cock, telling me how horny she is. Then when we get to mine she doesn’t want to get out! But eventually does, we go inside and she asks “have you been away recently?”

I reply “Uh, yeah, last month, why do you ask?”

She responds “Well you’ve got Immodium on the side.”

Me “Errrrr yeaaaah, I went away last month.”

We had a cup of tea then to the bedroom, there was a bit of LMR but I get my notch and the Immodium holds up. We talked a bit after; she hadn’t had sex for 3 years before that and told me she was looking for a relationship and I said that just wasn’t on the cards for me at that point. I put her in an Uber home, she messaged me thanking me for a great evening and I never saw her again. I would have liked to, we messaged a bit more but then the texting dropped off, she wanted a relationship and I wasn’t the man to give her that.

If my first daygame lay was a definite Yes Girl where I just had to not fuck up this was a definite maybe girl that I got by running decent game.


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