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Following one of my most productive and enjoyable days in daygame  i seed a date with a Russian. My daygame approach is a bit different to my wings. I would describe it as wait to hit drug-like state and bamboozle woman with a direct witty approach. Sometimes i’m up, sometimes i’m down.Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss. The following was one of them hits.

The set was a quick, smash and grab. I had hit a bit of state following a funny encounter with the cops.(ill let Vaughn explain)

I jumped in front of a blonde Russian who told me she was on the phone to her mother which i quickly replied to tell her you’ll call her back as a handsome irish man was talking to her. One failed assumption and a handshake and she released her number. I said goodbye and continued in that manner for the rest of the day.

After texting her that evening and a couple the next morning she agrees to meet me for tea (doesn’t drink -1point) close to where i live (+1point) or so i think. Two hours before we meet she changes the goal posts and asks me to come to her. After some advice from a friend i agree and make my way.

touching her and staring into her eyes.. i mean to be honest you are really funny so it would annoy me if i didn’t get to hang out with you again.

Following advice already written by Xants i get there early to suss out the area. Arabic Tea shop check, hotel bar for venue two check. A little gem fell on my lap in the tea shop when a guy who worked there started bantering with me while i was checking it out (he would be my social proof when i came back with the russian on my arm).

I met her at the train station – didn’t time my entrance right but just as she was about to ask where i wanted to go i changed her direction and guided her to tea shop. This is where the tests began.

Before i go on i must explain i like dates. Apart from logistics i dont worry about what to say, what to wear or how to behave. I like lounging around with people and bantering (its second nature to me). The following is a few examples of numerous tests i encountered on a two hour date. Feel free to critique but remember these are just words, expressions and body language are for another post.

Waiter brings menu and asks do we want food?

Her: i have eaten as i didn’t know whether you would feed me (test)

Me: ill allow you a piece of cake but only a small slice as i don’t want you getting fat before i get to know you..

Me: So why did you agree to come, we didn’t talk for long?

Her: I believe everyone deserves a chance. I don’t know if i like you but we might end up being friends (Test)

Me: Thats nice but i am afraid to tell you i have plenty friends. You might make the waiting list but its not looking very likely..

Her: Why did you bring me here (critical face)

Me: Because i wanted to

Her: It reminds me of a tea party, its not very manly (test)

Me: I was hoping to show you my feminine side. Im sick of girls only liking me for my masculinity. Im more than just a piece of meat you know.

Somewhere around here she starts showing her vulnerable side  so i decide to playfully rip the piss and joke for  a while.

Her: So why did walk up to me on the street

Me: Im not loving tinder these days

Her: I tried internet dating but i deleted it the same day

Me: Yes i guess you started the day with your list. I would like a tall dark handsome man and then by the end of the day you were like please ill take anything bald, short, ugly you name it gimme something.

Her: Haha wainker

She pretended that she needed to go somewhere and then went to say actually its closed. So i gave her shit about leaving me to go grocery shopping, to which she replied i would of made you come with me. I laughed and said it was a bit forward and maybe we should take it a bit slower, but i knew at this point the tests would continue.

We headed to the bar and i asked her did she want an orange juice as i felt like a drink. A mulled wine was her response (a light at the end of the tunnel suddenly goes dark when the barman says they don’t serve it). I knew the date was nearly over and sex was not on the cards as she had an exam so my end game was defence. Imply that i wanted sex by accusing her of bringing me out here for it, some sexual innuendoes here and there, rapport and a bit more ripping the piss to show i’m not bothered.

Her: The problem with Russia, Estonia and Ukraine is they have too many beautiful woman and not enough men (i don’t see the problem but go on) . What they need to do is bring all the beautiful woman to London and give back the others.

Me: That would make me so sad to see you go

Her: Haha

Me: touching her and staring into her eyes.. i mean to be honest you are really funny so it would annoy me if i didn’t get to hang out with you again.

Me: your sweater

Her: She instantly knows i’m about to take the piss to be fair to her. Its cashmere you can get one of your own in Benneton. i think it will suit you.

Her: I was going to wear my red leather pants but i think it would of given you the wrong idea.

Me: Your right i wouldn’t of being able to handle it. I would of had to put a chair between us and warned the waiters that i could let loose at any moment, but if i can tell you a secret theres only one thing that drives me crazy and thats levis (knowing she was welded into a pair)

Her: You know its not very nice to look at my bum with a pout on her face (test)

Me: Im not very nice.

She softened a bit after that and we chatted for a bit, she opened up saying she was a nervous person and that trying to impress me ( a tiny bit only she highlighted) was making her worse. She hinted that she would like to see me again. I knew sex wasn’t on so i was thinking of drawing her in for a kiss outside the station and pull back to create some mystery.

Yes i guess you started the day with your list. I would like a tall dark handsome man and then by the end of the day you were like please ill take anything bald, short, ugly you name it gimme something.

Fuck that… when even a one percent chance of fucking a girl is on i’m at least getting as close to her door as possible.  I walked her 5 mins to her door (adding spikes such as can i see the breakfast menu first, ‘i’m lost’ can i wait till my friend comes to collect me, etc)and evaded her attempts at kissing on the cheek and told her she must kiss properly as i wont see her for sometime. She gave me a kiss on the lips and that was that.

Today i’m in limbo whether to long game her or roll completely off. One thing i do no after 10 months of daygame her type is why i’m doing this. 10 months of dates some lays young and old and i have figured out my type. It was always my type to be honest.. i flew overseas to sleep with a girl like her 8 years ago and to this day every christmas holiday i see her(she’s a neighbour), she still drives me insane. Daygame gives a guy a licence to either figure out what he wants or remind himself of what he wants and then the tools to go after it.

Enjoy the tests



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