19 year old French girl from Oxford Street – bounce back.

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A cold dark rainy evening a week ago, I was pumping to do some Daygame after work. So I headed out into London, straight to Oxford circus with umbrella in hand where I met up with Xants and we ground out some sets on the street. London, when it’s cold rainy and miserable is not the most fun place to be. But as they say, where there are shops there are hot girls, and Oxford street has a boat load of shops.

It took a little while to warm up, a few listened to the compliment and walked on, some stopped and chatted a bit, others rushed past proclaiming “they had to go” or were “in a hurry”. Baby, it’s London, we are all in a hurry. I pushed though the misery and hit a few good interactions, where the girls eyes sparkle and was getting some real enjoyment. Daygame in the rain and cold can be fun, who’d have thought it.

She was hooked, her eyes were spazzing, she asked me some questions, all the usuals.. how old, what am I doing here.. etc. She then mentioned that she had a boyfriend.

After 5 sets we went into Selfridges, Xants to take a shit and me to stay out of the cold. As we entered I spotted a cute ginger girl coming out. She peered into the rain, shrugged and started to skip down the street. My Daygame sense was tingling, this was a girl I had to open. She had on converse trainers, a grey dress and bright red lipstick. I waited a minute then followed her out and stopped her in rain.

“You look like your lost in a movie, this is the crazy romantic rainy scene, hold on, where are the cameras?”

She laughed, I had her attention. She stopped, the rain was matting her hair against her face. It was cute in a way.

Me: “So what are you doing then?

Her: “I just finished work, going home, I like to look at the shop displays”

Her accent had a hint of French, very sexy. We continued to chat, she was a French girl, 19 years old working at an internship for a creative agency.
I accused her of having too much red lipstick on told her that wearing red is “dangerous”, it’s used by animals to signify they are “on the lookout”. I’m not sure she got what I meant by that,
but I just kept going.

She was hooked, her eyes were spazzing, she asked me some questions, all the usuals.. how old, what am I doing here.. etc. She then mentioned that she had a boyfriend.
I ignored it, and said we should go for a drink anyway. She agreed, and off she went.

Here is the text exchange I used for the date:







All pretty standard stuff.

So off I go to the date, i’m tired from work, but looking forward to see her again. She arrives, she’s dressed up, under the suit jacket is a sexy tight fitting dress  and she has on the heels. I grab her and use the Tom Torero line, “you look good, almost as good as me”. We chitchat about her work day as we walk to the bar.

I’m staring at her legs, now revealed by her skirt, she’s 19! for godsake 19, I mentally high-five myself. Into the bar, we have one beer each, her eyes are sparkling, I escalate, she’s also touching me, on the arm.. she calls me a bad boy several times. I’m a bit tired and prospect of another beer and more chit chat doesn’t appeal. I do the 10 seconds without smiling, I’m staring into her eyes.. then go straight for the kiss. Easy, she reciprocates and is practically shoving her tongue down my throat and biting.

The tension blows out, and she flops into me, resting her head on my shoulder. I say, let’s go back to my place for a quick drink. She agrees, off we go. 10 minute walk, she’s in my room on my bed. More kissing, I fetch some wine. She’s on my bed, the she receives a text. Her boyfriend texting her to ask how she is, and tell her he loves her.

There is no change in her, she mentions the text to me, then looks at me. I shrug and say “I don’t judge you”.

Then it’s on, her body is awesome and she smells fantastic.  She’s wild, unfortunately no lay since she was on “shark week”, but everything else is on the table.

After, shes tells me she has only slept with 2 guys, I would have been third.  The last time she got laid was a month ago.

She goes back to France before I can see her again.

A trip to Paris is due, I love daygame.




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