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I’ve been on 2 dates recently with a Romanian girl I met on Oxford street, despite her being reasonably though not incredibly hot I’ve decided not to see her again.  There’s a decent chance that if I’d persevered I could have got a notch and my Romanian flag but she just gave me too many shit tests to be bothered. The fact I wasn’t that into her was helping me to pass the shit tests pretty easily but there’s only so much shit I’m going to take from anyone.

As an example she said she wanted to visit me at work, I told her that wasn’t going to happen then she told me she’d dated a brain surgeon in Italy who let her meet his patients and drove for 3 hours to see her. If he could do that why couldn’t she come to my work?  I think she thought this would impress me but I just thought “what a fucking beta!” My response was said laughing “I just don’t care about you that much!”

The final straw came when she wouldn’t confirm a 3rd date, she’d just say maybe, sorry love you don’t get to option my time.

I think that having strong boundaries like this will cost me an occasional lay but will preserve my dignity and get me more lays in the long run.

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