Self Development is a Load of Bollox

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I went to a self development seminar today. I booked it during the week after ending up on an email list from a recommendation off a street attraction youtube video. I didn’t invite anyone i know because i was worried it might turn out a bit airy fairy ..

I had drafted a full blog post on why i thought it was a load of bollox but then decided this is not the point of this blog.

On a happier note, I had strategically sat beside a big boobed, petite, pretty, indian girl. Every-time she leaned over to pick up her pen and paper which was every two minutes i could see her bare ass sticking out from her jeans. This has always been an instant boner for me and had to have her. When they asked us to stand up and tell the person next to us why we came, she went first

Her; blah blah building stronger relationships with others

Me ; I came to pick up woman

She loved it.

Shortly after we were asked to stand up and break down the other person. I could actually here guys from every corner of the room saying i think you worry about what others think of you. Mine went like this:

Her: blah blah i think you like to talk allot

Me: i think i fancy you

Her: shut up

Me: your shit at opening up

Her: this isn’t about opening up

Me: i really mean what i say and would love to get you drunk

We flirted for the rest of the day and i took her for two drinks next to my place but unfortunately could not get her in as she had her nieces coming over.

I am finger lengths away from the man i set out to become through action not meditation.

This is the secret society


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