What’s a decent number?

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It’s difficult to get an accurate idea of how many girls a typical guy sleeps with in their lifetime as guys tend to lie about it. The best figures I’ve found in my extensive 10 minute Google search suggest that most men average 9 sexual partners in their life and that only 25% of guys sleep with more than that. This means the distribution is pretty uneven, the reality is probably that most guys have slept with more like 5 and a handful of players are dragging the average up.

Regardless, the 3 I’d slept with at 32 and 4 at 33 were clearly pretty shit. Even the most uncool beta guy I know has banged a couple!

When it comes to an actual player though you can look at how good they are in a couple of ways; total notch count, run rate or some kind of accounting for quality.

It would be great if there was some way to account for quality but quality is subjective and this means guys are even more prone to lie about it than they are about their notch count. Needless to say though if you’re only banging 5s it’s not particularly impressive.

Notch count seems obvious but if someone is single from 20-35 they can rack up a 50+ notch count and only be sleeping with a new girl every 4 months or so which isn’t very good either.

Run rate is probably therefore the best measure, a PUA I know who has a 3 figure notch count and has been around the London scene for years suggested something along the line os the following:

  • 1-3 average, most single guys are managing something like this
  • 4-6 above average
  • 7-9 good
  • 10-19 PUA, your now averaging a new girl every month or better, your a successful PUA
  • 20 – 30 MPUA you’re probably as good as most professional pick up artists
  • 30+ you’re still an MPUA but you’re investing a lot of time and energy, your obsession with pussy is detrimental to other areas of your life

Sounds about right to me, my next goal is to get my MPUA card.



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