1st Eurojaunt – Budapest Part 1

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Back in mid August, I’d been sarging up a storm for a few months and was on a roll. Work was quiet and Valentino and I decided to book our first Eurojaunt to Budapest. I sold Valentino quite hard on Budapest because in my opinion some of the hottest girls I’d spoken to in London were Hungarian. We booked for 5 nights and rented an awesome, central apartment on Airbnb.

When we got to the apartment the host spent a lot of time telling us about the gay parts of Budapest, clearly she had no idea what we had in mind though she was obviously open minded.

We dropped our stuff and hit the streets straight away despite the fact that it was already getting dark. Valentino number closed the first girl we saw, literally outside of our apartment, I however was suffering from some resurging AA and didn’t open anything for quite a while. Valentino however was having no such difficulties and was opening at will.

We eventually stopped for some dinner in the main pedestrianised shopping (daygame) area, I still hadn’t opened anything, this was going to have to change. On leaving the restaurant I spotted a hot blonde in a short skirt with great legs, I applied the 3 second rule and opened her. She was Norwegian and had just come to Budapest to study medicine, I walked away with her number and without my approach anxiety.

After that we were both away, Valentino instant dated an 18 year old, I got a couple more numbers and we called it a day at around 11.

The next day we got up for breakfast, this time it was my turn to number close a girl right outside the apartment,  an 18 year old student. We went for breakfast by the parliament building, Valentino number closed a model, I closed another student.

IMG-20150830-WA0014 IMG-20150826-WA0006

Left, 18yo; Right, Norwegian 

It was getting hot, very hot, this wasn’t so much a problem for me but it was for Valentino, it turns out his maximum operating temperature is about 25 degrees and it was more like 35. We played quite a bit of cafe game there which is a favourite of mine, we’d sit in a cafe sipping iced coffee and waiting for prospects to walk past but even this was too much for Valentino who’d end up slinking off home during the heat of the day.

Not me however, I’m made of sterner stuff. It was during one of these periods when I got the number of an absolutely gorgeous girl, a Hungarian girl who’s a 9 and who I genuinely think could be an underwear model. We’ll refer to her from here on in as Daenny (not her real name), more on her later.

By the end of the first day I’d gotten a fist full of numbers and had arranged to meet the Norwegian the next day, Valentino had a date that night with a Russian so I went and got a steak and then met up with him after his date. We played Chess and drank a few beers before bed, incidentally it turns out Valentino is very good at Chess but equally bad against drinking, I now insist on him having a 2 pint handicap.

In part 2, flakes, dates and Valentino melts.


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