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This is my 3rd time to kiev in 3 months. This time i’m flying solo.  I’m challenging myself to do some solo daygame and following up on 4 leads i’d collected on previous trips.

I texted all my leads in the days leading up to my arrival. 3 responded, 2 were keen to meet. So i thought job done, I can relax in the day work on some projects then in  the evenings i could date the 2 girls. 4 nights, 2 girls on 2 nights. I don’t even need to do any daygame.

Kay is a 27 year old divorced girl, working managing a saloon. She’s easily an 8, she gets guys eyeing her up in the street. Dresses extremely well, fashionable but sexy, obsesses over her appearance and always wears high heels. She was my favourite of the 4 girls.

I arrived, texted her, she was working until 10pm; but agreed to meet me after she had finished. We met at the mcdonalds on Khreshchatyk street and walked to a little downstair restaurant. I ordered a beer and steak, she pecked at a salad and opted for a glass of sparkling water.

We small talked about our days, whilst i stared hungarily into her slate grey eyes. She was dressed up, typical Ukrainian style grey fitting tight dress. Her cleavage thrusting out of her top, and grey dress hugging her ass tight. I had instant wood.

The conversation flowed, broken and awkward at first, rapport followed and I suggested another drink at my apartment where she could “check out the view”.

Short walk back and into the lift, i kissed her, the tension broke and she lunged her tongue into me; whilst pushing herself on me. “You are bad english boy”, I’m the worst, I tell her.

Into the apartment..we drank some wine. Then I handed her a present, some lingerie i’d bought her that day. She squeeled with delight as i handed her the box, opened it and rushed off to try it on.

15 mins later she struts into the doorway, just wearing the heels and the black tight underwear. She dances, and shows off, pushing her ass into the air. Staring at me, whilst mouthing her finger.

She struts over to me, undoes my belt then we’re straight at it. Fucking all night.. she whispers thankyou and we fall asleep She gets up early to go to work next day and I see about my other leads.

The 3rd girl, a *good girl* had already half stopped replying to my long game. She initially been very keen, but my player vibe had thrown her off. She was genuinely looking for a boyfriend. A man to settle down with, she told me she’d dumped her last guy, because she wanted children and he hadn’t committed. I fancied her, so reasoned I could just game her into bed.

It’s classiclly generally the mid-late 20s girls who are harder to lay. As they are screening you to be their boyfriend, with the eventual goal of marriage and kids. This effect seems even more pronounced in Ukraine where the girls have a harder upbringing and are more street savvy.

Long story short, she didnt reply to my meetup request and i didnt chase her. I would call her just my type, petite, dark hair feminine and beautiful. She won a Ukrainian beauty contest, thats tough here, because most girls here are very beautiful.

So my 3 leads dropped to two,  both of which i fucked already. 5 hours before i’m due to meet the 2nd girl, she flakes.. I don’t bother replying, as Kay is hotter and the sex with her is more fun.

So i arrange to meet with Kay again that evening. Again after her work. We spend the next 3 days together, I fall into the routine of working on my projects in the day and seeing Kay at night. We walk in the parks, drink coffee and wine, eat in nice restaurants.

She opens up about her life, she only slept with 4 guys, and had not enjoyed sex since her divorce until now. In the evenings we fuck in everyroom of the apartment, on the sofa, kitchen. I gradually get more dominant with her. On our last night I bang her against the window door over looking Khreshchatyk street.

Great view.

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  1. nice story .. what about the second girl (not kay) you banged? you mean you banged her on a previous visit I assume..

    loving your blog btw … came here via krauser blog …

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