On the last sarge before Christmas daygame gave to me…

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… 2 girls numbers and a makeout with a Romanian.

Today I did 6 hours solo daygame in Central London, I also did my Christmas shopping. I tell you what, not having a serious LTR at this time of year is BRILLIANT! I remember slaving around the shops with no direction but with a certain knowledge that the wrong present would condemn me to a miserable Christmas. Anyway, I digress…

I was initially struck by how little talent there was on the streets. It was barren. Penty of shoppers but hardly any hot girls. I finally found one outside of Selfridges, set was good, English 7, got number but she gave me a funny look after she gave her number, it was almost as if I saw the love bubble pop and I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

It took ne a full 30 mins to find another, a cute Asian on bond street but she hardly stopped.

I then walked up Picadilly and all of a sudden found a flurry of sets, the first a very tall blonde who stopped but didn’t hook, then a couple more that didn’t go anywhere, then I meet a cute Romanian 7 in Leicester Square. Now this girl was the opposite from my last Romanian in almost every way; this one drank, smoked, partied and was decisive. In fact a little too decisive, she kept snatching the frame.

During the set I’d probed for logistics, I don’t do Idates unless the same day lay is potentially on the table as I don’t find they affect my results. Hers seemed to stack up so I suggested a coffee, she replied “What about a beer? Or is it too early for you?”

I thought a beer was a great idea, if only I’d suggested it! But I’d rather an alcoholic date than a non alcoholic one. Then she suggests the venue, also a good choice and again I’m getting sucked into her frame. Then when we get there we get beers and she suggests we sit in the smoking terrace and I lose a bit more frame.

Luckily I’m on form and manage some good flirting, on the way up to the terrace on the stairs I say “I know you’re looking at my ass.” (I don’t count this as awesome flirting but it’s relevant to the story)

Outside I do some kino which she accepts and after cigarettes we go inside and our legs are touching under the table as we chat. It turns out she is meeting friends later but we chat for a bit then decide to have one more cigarette before leaving.

This time I’m following her up the stairs, I tell her it’s my turn to check out her ass, she says something like she doesn’t have a nice ass,  I slap it and say “I’ll be the judge of that.”

We’re the only people on the terrace so I pull hervin and we kiss for a few minutes before she catches herself and says “I can’t kiss you, we only just met!”

I reply “I’m pretty sure you just did.”

We walk arm in arm to the tube so she can meet her friends and exchange numbers. I carry on and get 1 more number before calling it a day. (tip, lots more talent out later)

Now despite the kissing and time together I’m unsure this will go anywhere. Back when I started out I would have thought this was on but the reality is she’s probably thinking both “that was hot, I can’t believe that happened” and “that was fun but a bit weird, I didn’t expect that today” both are true and I expect it depends what wins out. Sometimes your most improbable lead comes off and your best set flakes, only time will tell.

On a side note I didn’t see a single other daygamer today, I think it may be a dying art.

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  1. Hi, you have some really good posts, Im also a daygamer looking for a wing, if you interested my numbers [number removed], thanks.

    Hi, thanks, there are 4 of us and we are currently not looking for more wings. Suggest trying one of the other mainstream forums, goodluck. 🙂 ps. thanks for reading.

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