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If you watch lots of daygame youtube pickup videos you can see lots of guys getting numbers. Here’s news for you;numbers are not lays.

When you first start in daygame and you get a few numbers you think “I’m going to message her, she’s so pretty, I’m going to date her, I’m going to fuck her, she’s got a great arse, maybe she’ll let me put my cock in it….” and so on. Then you message them and NONE of them reply. The likelihood is your sets have been nice but nothing more, the girls aren’t really attracted. (This type of set accounts for 80% of what you see on YouTube)

Then you learn to push.

The difficult thing to stomach is on the surface your results plummet, your interactions can become awkward as some girls respond badly to being compared to a “wooly bear” or a “baby giraffe” and you simply get less numbers. The flip side though is the numbers you do get are way more sticky. I always remember what Krauser said in Balls Deep; I paraphrase but it was along the lines of “I’ve lost lots of girls by pushing too much but it’s better to push too much than not enough”

Still though, even with these ‘stickier’ numbers you’re going to need plenty of them to get laid. I’m not sure precisely but I think I need 7 numbers to get a date and I lay 1 in 2 dates so that’s roughly 14 numbers to get P in V. I get on average 3 numbers a session so I’m looking at circa 5 days of daygame to get laid. Let’s say I average 4 hour sessions, that’s 20 hours in the street plus a date to nowhere and a successful date so I’d guess 30 hours of work to get laid. Frankly I’m pretty happy with that ROI considering my age and how much I love pussy.

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  1. Do you find that there is a seasonal element to it also? I’ve found that girls are way more “stickier” in spring/summer than in the colder months with relatively the same level of game being used.

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      It’s interesting that you say that, I think I’ve found that to be the case, my last new lay took 16 numbers!! And winter does seem to have been harder. I’m not sure though if it has just been down to the changing demographic over the year, last summer I had a fantastic run of tourists, or perhaps just hot girls just don’t come out so much in winter, if they don’t want to hang around and chat or if warm weather just makes them more amorous.

      1. Well at least we are grinding through through winter… I pity the beginner/intermediate who is taking a “break” now and then wastes a month or more getting back into it come spring time!

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