1st Eurojaunt – Budapest Part 2

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The second day was basically a repeat of the first; breakfast, followed by cafe game, Valentino complaining about the heat before heading off to our cool air-conditioned apartment while¬†I’d stay out and keep scoring numbers.

This day we also bumped into Sasha the well known daygamer and his students he was running a bootcamp with. Sasha himself gave me what can only be described as the oddest high 5 I’ve ever had and his students seemed to view us as competition as opposed to comrades in arms. We avoided them for the rest of the trip.

The problem with Eurojaunts where you’re there for less than a week is you’re always in a race against the clock. If you meet a girl in your home town and she says she’s leaving in 5 days the first thing you think is logistics are going to be tight. On a Eurojaunt like ours you start out with 5 days but the next day you only have 4 as the time ebs away. Normal text game goes out the window as you chase down dates and burn leads by being super needy.


Above, lead I burnt by being needy

I burnt plenty of leads by trying to rush the process. I also had only 3 nights left for dates so I’d been offering everyone the same options and now had a date with 2 girls, Daenny and the Norwegian, ¬†confirmed for the same time and place. I could try to rearrange one or wait to see if one flaked. Sure enough the Norwegian cancelled and rearranged for the Sunday.

I now had a date with Daenny on the Friday, the 18 year old on the Saturday and the Norwegian on the Sunday. Not bad considering I’d been in town for 2 days. I should say though I’d probably opened 50-60 sets, very few people can grind out a sarge like I can in 35 degree heat.

I headed back at around 7 to get showered and meet my date at 8.

It’s funny, when you talk to this volume of girls you’re often not sure who you’re actually meeting until they show up. When I met her again she looked stunning, one of the hottest girls I’d spoken to since we’d arrived and now she’d made herself up she was a full point hotter. I’ve had her independently verified (by Krauser no less) as an 8 but I maintain she’s hotter in the flesh. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and a gym addict with a hard body and great arse.

We went for a drink in the bar literally under our apartment. Initially the date was a bit stop start but was going ok. Then when we finished our first drinks, I asked her if she wanted another and she said no.

What. The. Fuck!

Had it been that bad? Was our date over after 40 minutes? My brain grappled with the problem, in the end I just said “Well I’m going to have one, I’m on holiday” called over the waiter and ordered a beer, she relented and asked for a glass of wine. It wasn’t dead yet but I was going to have to up my game.

I relaxed into it, turned up the charm and increased the challenging and teasing. I remember her asking me why I’d come to Budapest, I replied nonchalantly “To meet hot girls, but I haven’t met any yet.”

I’d had this line planned out way in advance, she gave me a shocked look but absolutely loved it.

We then got to discussing her course at uni, this was a godsend. She’d studied Chinese and English literature and as we got to talking about the books she’d studied it turned out I’d actually read most of them but she’d mostly just read the cliff notes. I ripped her about this for a good 20 mins and got to demonstrate some intellectual mastery into the bargain “So, let me get this right, you’ve not read George Orwell’s seminal work 1984 but you’ve read the Cliff Notes? But you must have read Down and Out in Paris and London, right?”

By this this point our drinks were getting low and I excused myself to go to the bathroom where I pissed, splashed some water on my face and decided what to do; my options were bounce to another bar, bounce home or escalate. I chose escalate.

I went back to the table and sat next to her, started some kino and initiated the question game. I can’t remember what exactly I asked but I did ask what her naughtiest fantasy was that she had but hadn’t fulfilled. Sex in front of a mirror apparently, frankly I think she was lying but still she was heating up. I went in for the kiss and got rebuffed. Bugger. Still, all part of the game.

We finished our drinks and she went to the bathroom. I text Valentino, who was out with 2 other players we’d met on the street and told him I was planning extraction, he wished me good luck. When she got back I used a version of a line I learned from him “Hey, my appartements just up there, I’d really like to get a Hungarian opinion on it.”

I paid the bill and just got up and lead her there.

She was a bit nervous about coming inside, which I can understand. One thing to keep in mind is; as a powerful man is you could conceivably do anything to them in private which is why comfort and rapport are important.

I have to say it didn’t hurt that we’d rented a pimp apartment.

We sat on the sofa and drank some Prosecco we had in the fridge, I went in for the kiss again. Rebuffed. Bollox!

I fannied around trying to put some music on while she explored the flat. We chatted some more then I went in for the kiss again. Rebuffed. FUCK!

I rolled off again and regrouped, we danced around each other a little more, almost literally. The sexual tension in the room was palpable. I pulled her in again, our lips almost met when she breathed in a deep, husky voice “You’re really bad, aren’t you?”

SHIT TEST ALERT – Agree and Escalate

I reply, in an even deeper voice “Yes, worse than you can imagine.”

She kissed me and it was like she’d been freed from some sort of sex prison, she kissed me back hard. We somehow ended up laid on the chaise longue with her grinding and humping against me, kissing me passionately. Eventually I picked her up with her legs wrapped around me and carried her to the bed.

In there she stopped me, then she took off her shoes and went to the bathroom. I text Valentino “I’m either getting laid or she’s about to leave.”

The reality is girls like to ensure they’re clean and tidy when you fuck, lays are lost because girls haven’t shaved their legs.

When she came back she kissed me, we got naked and we fucked for a couple of hours. It was awesome! She was and still is easily the hottest girl I’ve fucked.

When we were both thoroughly satisfied she got a cab, Valentino came back and we had a celebratory game of chess.

We did more daygame the next day and the 18 year old flaked, I didn’t care. The Norwegian hadn’t really confirmed for the for Sunday either. I could choose a repeat or chase up the Norwegian. I chose the repeat.

Next time we went for a drink then back to the apartment. I ran the hot tub and ate her pussy on the chaise longue while we waited for it to fill, she came like a train. Then we went and fucked in the hot tub which, as luck would have it, also had a mirror on the roof above it. She got to fulfill her fantasy of looking at herself in a mirror while having sex and I got to fulfill mine of fucking a smoking hot girl in a hot tub. As I stood up (the jets hurt your knees) and looked up at myself in the mirror as I came in her mouth I remember thinking “I FUCKING LOVE DAYGAME!”

I’ve been back to see her once since and she’s come to London twice to see me. A truly lovely girl in all senses. Valentino didn’t get laid on this trip, I think the heat cut him down but he more than made up for it in Kiev.

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