Value X Game = Lays

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There’s loads of talk on the manosphere at the moment about whether it’s better to be high value and “natural” or to have/know game. When I read these arguments I immediately think, they’re not mutually exclusive!

Game x Value = Lays

If either figure were at zero you wouldn’t get fucked. Now I assume that no figure ever falls quite to zero but they’re a multiplier of each other and presumably both have a maximum value that any individual player can achieve which would be determined by genetics and personal circumstances. Your job is to maximise both figures simultaneously.

Another way to look at it is value is the warhead, game is the missile (delivery mechanism). Or as Bill Gates said when he started Microsoft “It doesn’t matter how good our products are if we don’t tell anybody about them we won’t sell any.”

Conversely if your product is shit the initial sale will be difficult and even if you con someone to buy it once they aren’t going to buy from you again.

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