You have my permission to be disliked

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An incredible character trait that seems to be overlooked in the Pick Up Industry is the willingness to piss people off. This can be defined as not giving a shit what other people think, but i see that as a bit fluffy. Telling a person who is used to being Mr Nice to not give a shit isn’t really teaching him anything. He will just continue being nice and not give a shit about it therefore learning nothing.

Let me expand… I for one struggle big time with Mr Nice traits. Im lazy and do not like drama so i would prefer everyone gets along. Plus i have had my fair share of talking when i should of being listening moments which have resulted in quiet a few black eyes. However i believe you must go full circle so you show the world you have boundaries. I think i am half way there.


Last night i went out in my home town to get thrashed drunk with friends and family. A few hours into the night im having the LOLs with my brother and mate over buckets of Vodka and Redbull. Out of nowhere a blast from the past comes up and starts talking to us and by accident i completely insult her. It was low in fairness so i follow her out to the smoking area and apologise. It had to be done, i value my friendship with her brother to much. As i’m about to say my goodbyes her mate starts having a go and says she knows who got the looks in the family and points at my younger brother(she’s right to be fair, the lucky bastard looks like a male model), so i let on i’m really hurt. My ex-player mate loves this so he decides to add legs on the story, but there is definitely venom in her as she doesn’t get we are all taking the piss out of me. So anyway she leaves and another friend asks me later did i upset her friend in the smoking area.

She’s quiet hot and i have a feeling she is a pretty nice girl but has obviously hit that part of the night where she feels she can get away with shit testing guys to create a bit of drama in her normally dull life. I’d prefer not to be one of these guys that hates on girls so it is what it is, but instead of trying to make amends for something i didn’t do, I decide the best reply is to tell her friend with a smile: look its obvious your friend fancies me but she has a boyfriend and id rather keep my front teeth. Now i am certain this will get back to her to which she will wake up this morning thinking what a wainker, who does he think he is blah blah blah.

As i know i wont bump into this girl for a while, i plan to be over the top charming, funny and most of all nice the next time we meet (hopefully sober). Her reply will most likely be OMG i mistakenly thought you were a wainker to which i will reply but i am with a cheeky smile.

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