I get all the girls – my year in stats

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What a year 2015 has been. My game has come on with a run of success, failures and stories:

Success (bangs):

  • 30 year old English girl (6)- met in a bar, 1st date bang.
  • 29 yr old English girl (5) – met her in Carnaby Street, 2nd date bang, she was anorexic thin.
  • 30 yr old Polish girl (6.5) – on her lunch break, 1st date bang, few repeats.
  • 18 year old French girl (6) – same day lay from a bar in Convent Garden.
  • 19 year old Slovenian girl (virgin) (8) – caught her coming out of National Gallery, same day lay – went to Slovenian for a weekend to follow up.
  • 19 year old Ukrainian girl  (7) – she IOI’d me in a park in KIev. First date laid her.
  • 27 year old Ukrainian girl (8) – last day of 4 day trip to Kiev. Another IOI, met her on the main street. Bounced her to a bar, a SDL and got anal. Many repeats.
  • 20 year old Bulgarian girl (8)- 3rd date bang, alot of repeats.

Success (blow job – hand -job)

  • 20 year old Spanish girl (7) – air hostess, handjob in a toilet within 2 hours of meeting her. (HJ)
  • 19 year old French girl (8) – met her on Oxford street in the rain, 1st date back to mine, on period. (BJ)

Near miss:

  • 27 year old Latvian girl (6) on my bed after 1 date – down to her knickers. No bang. Couldn’t get her out again.
  • 25 year old Australian (5) girl on my bed after 1 date – no bang. Didn’t want to get her out again.
  • 20  year old Asian Californian (7.5)- kissed her on an insta-date at bar souk. She never got back to me.
  • 26 year old English girl (7) – kissed her on 2nd date, never got her out again.
  • Mid 20s – Canadian girl (7) – kiss – should have pulled the trigger, but cock-blocked by her friend.


  • 20 year old English dancer (7.5) – missed my chance to take her out before her boyfriend came back from America.
  • Mid-twenties Polish girl  (7.5)- opened her twice same place – 1 month apart – very awkward. 😀
  • Mid-twenties Brazilian girl (6.5) – texting but never managed to get her out on a date, missed opportunity to see her at Notting hill carnival.
  • Early-twenties Lithuanian girl (8) – super hot, left to go home, never got her out.
  • 18 year old French girl (6.5) – met in bar, never replied, then she went back to France.
  • 20 year old Spanish girl (7) – got annoyed with her playing silly buggers about meeting, and told her to *shut up* – never heard from her since.


  • Handful of numbers from Kiev, texting me, including 1 virgin, (7.5 to 8 range)
  • 19 year old Italian (7.5) – working in London. (1 date + kiss, 2nd date confirmed)
  • 19 year old Italian (7) – working in London (1 date + kiss, no date booked yet)
  • 20 year old Brazilian (5.5) – kissed, has boyfriend in Brazil, maybe, but can’t be bothered.
  • 20 year old English (6.5) – lives in Cambridge, mild interest.
  • 27 year old Russian/Ukrainian (6.5)  – some interest but of a career girl.
  • 20 year old Polish girl –  met on Regent street.
  • Early 20s Chinese girl from Manchester.


  • 1 girl in Kiev, 1 girl in Slovenian, 1 girl in France. None now in London.

There are some good stories behind most of these which I’ll get around to writing about.

Greedy, want more.

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