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I’m not planning on writing another text guide here, just some technical tips that relate specifically to WhatsApp. I learnt most of these tips from Valentino but I figure I’m more likely to write the post so…

One of your goals in text game is to appear none needy, that means not reading a girls message the moment they send it and not replying straight away. However if you’re anything like me you want to check your messages straight away, they’re like a present you can’t open until your birthday.

WhatsApp has read receipts which mean you can’t do this and a last seen function which can also trip you up, luckily you can circumvent these features. Information on WhatsApp is a 2 way street, you can turn off all these features but if you choose not to send information you also don’t receive it, e.g. Turn off sending read receipts and you don’t see if they’ve read your message either.

I personally turn off last seen, when a girl logs in she’ll check your message so last seen isn’t that valuable, you can also turn this off and on to suit you to an extent though I believe there is a time limit. Leave read receipts switched on and last seen on however and girls will realise you’re purposely ignoring their message which seems gamey (well, we’re gaming them right? Done well though they shouldn’t realise!)

Read receipts though I leave on for 2 reasons, I like to know my messages have been read and after I choose to view their message I leave it a while to reply so they know it’s been read but can fret that I might not reply. This does mean I can’t read there message straight away, or does it….

I should also note and I’m sure most people know this, single grey tick means sent, double grey means delivered and double blue means read. If they reply but your initial message stays at double grey it means they’ve turned off read receipts so you can do whatever you like as she can’t see your read receipts either.

So how do we read their message without sending a read receipt despite having them turned on? 2 options:

1. Temporarily turn off mobile data but you reduce your phone to a Nokia 3310 until you turn data back on when it also sends the read receipt.

2. Create a viewing pane for WhatsApp. This is a little known widget available to WhatsApp users in Android (don’t ask me about IShit). I’ll attempt to explain how this is done but I’m not IT expert and I’m going to assume you know how to add a widget (if not Google it you lazy fucker!)

Go to widgets, find WhatsApp, click on it, add WhatsApp 4×2. You can conceivably make this full screen if you create a new screen. You can now view all your messages in full without sending a read receipt. WhatsApp may change this in future versions but for now it works.


Above, WhatsApp viewing pane complete with read but ignored messages from a hot Russian I met today

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  1. also on my shitty Samsung … you can pull down the home page and read the first bit of the message (but not all) without it registering as properly read (which happens when you open watsapp)

    watsapp can be deadly for frame though .. girls can often suck you in with rapid responses which leave you not knowing whento reply back as you’ve oviously seen it if you sent the prior message 30 secs earlier … on other hand great for photo pings…

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