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Inspired by Vaughn’s year in stats post I thought I’d write my own. First 4 months were a write off due to the fag end of my last LTR.


American (6) early 20’s my first true game lay, SNL pulled back from Obar. Highlight, my wing banged her friend and their gay best friend slept on my sofa.

German (7.5) 18 years old (just) my first daygame lay, first date lay. Highlight, 18 fricken years old!

English (5) indeterminate age but circa 40 SNL from a bar in Nottinghill, made up for age and looks with filth. Highlights, “take that condom off and fuck me up the arse”, ass to mouth to ass to pussy to ass to mouth.

English (7) black Christian 24yo, 1st date lay. Highlight, “I don’t kiss on the first date”

Korean (7) 25yo same day lay, saw her for about 4 months after. Highlight, she spoke hardly any English and I bounced her back on 2 tubes and a rail replacement bus, also spanked her with a wire coat hanger (not Pimp style hard though) squirter.

French (6) 29 yo, long game, good sex but terrible breath. Highlight, Vaughn fucked her 18yo sister

Spanish actress/celebrity (7) somewhere around 28 at a guess, 1st date lay. Highlights, currently in a very popular Spanish sitcom, seemed to levitate when I gave her head.

German (6.5) 24yo, 1st date lay. Highlight, fucked her in the toilet on the date, saw her once more, I actually really liked her.

Hungarian (8.5) 23 yo, 1st date lay, Eurojaunt. Highlight, hottest girl I’ve ever fucked, I have her on rotation.

Spanish (4.5) unknown age I’d guess 30, drunken SNL. Lowlight, lots of period blood on my bed and face, in the words of my flatmate it looked like “Dexters kill room”

Colombian dancer (6) late 30s, 1st date lay but met drunk in a bar with Seano. Great for her age, must have been awesome 10 years ago. Highlight, my opener “I think you’re both transformers, you’re the cop car and you’re the fireman.”

English (5) Blackanese (half black, half Chinese) 29yo, first date lay. Lowlight, it was all going so well until she got naked, her body sucked, it was annoying as you couldn’t tell when clothed

English (6) 24yo, 1st date lay. Highlight, she’s submissive, sex was awesome

Blowjobs, hand jobs, foot jobs:

Canadian (6) 25yo, freaky tattoo artist with body mods, not everyone’s cup of tea, same day blow job from daygame, I suspect she was on the blob so no lay. Promised to let me fuck her next time she’s in town. Highlight, had a split tongue, she could lick 3 sides of my dick at once.

Near misses:

Slovenian (7) 23yo topless on my bed on 3rd date, LMR, never saw her again on principle, 3rd date is last chance saloon

Ukrainian (6) 34yo, 2 dates, hand up her skirt in my room, just petered out after that. This girl was clearly stunning once but I don’t think she’s realised how hard she’s hitting the wall

Russian (7) almost a SDL, had my cock out in her hotel room, cockblocked by hotel manager. Moved to long game

Most girls in a day: 2 on several occasions though one was always a rotation girl. I don’t really enjoy this as the 2nd seems a bit of a chore even if new.

Most girls in a week 3

Most new girls in a week 2

Most new in a month 3 (May)

13 lays in total since may, 7 from daygame, 6 from bars. 1.625 a month (my run rate was over 2 until end sep)

Looking at my stats a couple of things are clear:

I have no problem escalating, all my lays are SNL, SDL or 1st date lay. I’m not sure if this is great or if I’m missing lays on d3s etc.

My stats deteriorate after summer, this is primarily down to time investment, during summer I took quite a few days off work to do game. It paid off. Both Germans and the Spanish actress were met on these days, I also took holiday to go to Budapest where I met the Hungarian.

Funnily enough the biggest thing that impacts my stats is how many girls I talk to.

All a big testament to learnt game, didn’t do any bootcamps but I’ve learnt extensively from Nick Krauser’s books and Tom Torero’s video products.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I fingered a french bird at a music festival while 2 security guards watched.

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