I lay my first 22 year old Swedish shop worker

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Before Christmas I opened a girl giving out flyers, my wing Seano pushed me in to the set as I was weaseling a few. She was all dressed in Ski gear, and at the time I thought she came across as a bit of a good girl. I double booked her with the French girl for a date, fully expecting one to flake, in the end neither did, so I had to ditch her and see the Frenchie instead. Which was a good decision because Frenchie is a good 2 points hotter, has a French accent and gave the best fucking BJ I ever had.

So I had to roll off as I went to Kiev and then went back to my family home over Christmas. When I was back to London I texted her, not really expecting her to reply, and  she did. Organised the date and met her in Nottinghill. I met her at the station, she was  a bit chubbier than I remembered and I considered whether I fancied her or not. On the plus side she is young, and was dressed well all in black, black top, boots and a leather pants. When you see a girl in leather pants, you know she has come to fuck.

I got blind drunk yesterday in central London and it took me the day to recover. When that happens, my body decides to give me a case of the shaky hands. Which probably comes across as nerves on the date. I dunno, maybe it means I’m more authentic. Anway, to the first bar, the Prince Albert. and it’s packed. We can’t find a seat, I order a beer and we end up standing at the bar. She’s easy to talk to, rapport is quick and the topics get sexual pretty quickly. By the end of the first bar, she’s told me she has three tattoos, we chat about them, she says it’s VIP access only, as she doesn’t tell me what they are. I accuse her of having my name tattooed on her back with a huge dragon. I tell her she’s too young for me, she disagrees. I touch her on the hands, and tell her she has fisherman’s fingers.

She has big tits and massive nipples, her skin is soft and has that young feel to it.

We walk to the next bar, closer to my place. We sit on leather sofas, more talk and I spike it up. We play cruise, marry,  fuck. I do the parody chode, i tell her I will buy flowers and spread them over her flyer route. I parody myself, saying I never leave my room, that I play x-box and look for a Chinese wife online.  I future project us having 3 children and getting divorced when I come home and find her fucking the pool boy(s) . We decide to “try again” and we will live in a chateau in the Swiss alps. I stare into her eyes, I tell her she has small eyes but I like them. I ask the “when did you last have sex? question, she gasps, then tells me 2 months ago with a guy she was seeing in Stockholm.

I do the “I don’t think guys and girls can be friends” of course she disagrees. She relents eventually, when she tells me some times that guys have tried to fuck her. This is all stuff straight from Tom Torero’s Bad Ass Buddah. Actually, it sounds weird, but she was boringly predictable in her responses. I’ve now used his material on my last 5 dates, and without fail they all seem to answer in a similar way.

I break rapport and just stare at her, then I tell her we can have 1 last drink at my place. A 10 minute walk to mine, more inane chit-chat. We talk about the movie “Nottinghill”. Back to mine, I make 2 glasses of Crabbie’s with ice, put some music on and light some candles. She sips her drink, I kiss her neck from behind, then sip some of the ginger beer and kiss her with it. She is melting and I bite her lip. She goes to the bathroom, returns, I push her onto the bed. More kissing, I peel off her clothing, more kissing. She has big tits and massive nipples, her skin is soft and has that young feel to it. I decide she could be very hot if she only lost some weight. She’s wearing black panties, I pull them down put on a rubber and I’m in. She’s tight, and the first few thrusts seem to be hurting her. Sex ensues, it’s not my best performance, but she seems to enjoy it.

Her friend calls, she looks worried, then mentions she has to go. I say no problem, and don’t even walk her to the tube.

She leaves and tells me to call her.

I’m not sure that will happen.



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