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Three days of doing daygame and I collected a handful of numbers including a super-hot Polish girl on Regent street who was out shopping with her parents. She was a bit behind them, when I stopped her, so I think they just thought I was one of her friends. Anyway, I got the facebook close, she’s responding but my game feels off and has felt off for the last few days. I’m going back to YouTube for inspiration and to give me a creative boost.

Other numbers including a Chinese girl visiting from Manchester, a Portuguese dancer, 16 year old English girl who told me I was only a bit younger than her dad, and a smattering of other nations. The only one I actually want to fuck is the Polish girl,  checking out her facebook she is very hot and apparently is into “girls”! I also made some English girls day, she literally went off skipping and invited me out for NYE after I complimented her. Good feels bro. 🙂

My Bulgarian plate has finally smashed, which leaves me with zero plates in London. We had a quick drink 2 days ago, the conversation was awkward then I took her back to mine and we fucked. When I walked her back to the tube after she was still acting weird, then gave me a odd look when she said goodbye. She then sent this, see the picture below.


Had to give her “the talk” via text, she then responded to this thanking me for my honesty. So no more Bulgarian which is a shame because despite her emotional outbursts she was quite fun to be with.

Onwards and upwards, I’ve finally gotten around to going on a date with the Norwegian girl I met before Christmas. The date is today, so this is real time as it happens daygame in your face. Here is the text exchange I used to get her out:



Cappuccino by the hand of god is an Eddie line which I picked up when I went to the Street Attraction texting tips meetup. Wine or cocktails I think is a Krauser / Tom Torero line. And the secretary thing I stole from Seano. It’s a mash-up of other peoples creativity, so thanks guys. 🙂

I’m re-watching Tom T’s Badass Buddah which I can credit for getting me laid with the Bulgarian girl as prep for tonight.

Also trying to get naked selfies of the French girl, love daygame.


So I +1’d the Norwegian girl, although she is actually Swedish. She’s a low 6, mainly because she is a bit chubby. Two bars, one drink in each, back to mine, no LMR. She had 3 tattoos, all of which were awful, it had been 2 months since she had been laid. She bolted almost straight after the sex, not my best performance, mostly because I didn’t really fancy her, and i was suffering from an all day hangover.

I did use all of Tom Torero’s stuff from Badass Buddah. Thanks Tom. 🙂

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  1. You were at Ed’s SA text meet up .. interesting as I was at those sessions … curious who you are now!

    You seem like youre getting good results bro, how long you been daygaming for? Are you a good looking dude?

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