Numbers – just part of the puzzle

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If you watch lots of daygame youtube pickup videos you can see lots of guys getting numbers. Here’s news for you;numbers are not lays. When you first start in daygame and you get a few numbers you think “I’m going to message her, she’s so pretty, I’m going to date her, I’m going to fuck her, she’s got a great …

kiev girl

Kiev solo eurojaunt

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This is my 3rd time to kiev in 3 months. This time i’m flying solo.  I’m challenging myself to do some solo daygame and following up on 4 leads i’d collected on previous trips. I texted all my leads in the days leading up to my arrival. 3 responded, 2 were keen to meet. So i thought job done, I can relax …

All in a days grind

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Today was a cold splash of water in the face after some recent success. It went something like this, met Valentino and Seano for breakfast, spent the day getting blown out. My best set of the day was my first, a cute German who hooked quickly however she was leaving for Germany at  6 pm. Everything else was poor, it …


Self Development is a Load of Bollox

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I went to a self development seminar today. I booked it during the week after ending up on an email list from a recommendation off a street attraction youtube video. I didn’t invite anyone i know because i was worried it might turn out a bit airy fairy .. I had drafted a full blog post on why i thought …

What’s a decent number?

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It’s difficult to get an accurate idea of how many girls a typical guy sleeps with in their lifetime as guys tend to lie about it. The best figures I’ve found in my extensive 10 minute Google search suggest that most men average 9 sexual partners in their life and that only 25% of guys sleep with more than that. …

Crazy Romanian

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I’ve been on 2 dates recently with a Romanian girl I met on Oxford street, despite her being reasonably though not incredibly hot I’ve decided not to see her again.  There’s a decent chance that if I’d persevered I could have got a notch and my Romanian flag but she just gave me too many shit tests to be bothered. …


New Daygame Lay – freezing cold day

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Got a new daygame notch last night, my first from daygame since August I think. I’ve had 3 from night game since then but I value the daygame notches more and they’ve generally been hotter. This one I met a few weeks ago with Valentino on a FREEZING cold day, it goes to show that it is worth going out …