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I turn 30 this year and have decided its most definitely not time to grow up. However some major tweaks are required to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

No 1 binge drinking and pick up does not work for me anymore. Last night and the night before were the only nights that had possibilities of pulling (picking up/ getting a bang) over the xmas holidays. I live in a small town so daygameing 18 year olds in the pissing rain was out of the question and anything my own age worth considering are in LTR. This didn’t mean i didn’t have a great laugh meeting up with family and friends but my god once you know the code to pussy its hard to turn off.

So the last two nights i here there is single girls visiting town. I clean up organise an old wing and a couple friends to make sure to be out the first night to put in the ground work and hopefully have a bird for NYE. So we do just that, its easy to get introduced to them as my brother is going out with one. When we meet i have around 3 drinks in me. This is the magic number where im at my most chattiest and cheekiest. We split ways and end up meeting later but thats all i can report apart form visions and i was quiet sure  i kissed a hot girl.

The next day was NYE and the hangover i had was proper suicide watch deep. I convinced myself throughout the day that i didnt kiss anyone and made several attempts to call off going out that night. Following a few persuasive phone calls i decide to head down with a friend to the town to ring in the new year. Allot of alcohol was required just to get me out of depression and into a social vibe again.

When i got there i found myself in the middle of hungry country folk guys drooling over the group of girls from the night before, one of which was an absolute cracker (london 7.5 irish 12). I remembered her from the night before so i decided for a bit of fun to introduce myself as if i didn’t recognise her(a Valentino trick)  to which she immediately replied with you should know who i am, we had a kiss last night and you walked off for a drink and didn’t recognise me the next time you seen me. This is classic me with alcohol i have been with countless girls i had no idea i was with until mates have told me the next day and i have woke up with quiet a few i didn’t even remember bringing back (one time i was even caught trying to roll a naked girl on my bed onto a puddle of my piss). I know its hilarious but not when you have been doing this for nearly 10 years.

So anyway back to the story she walked off and decided to flirt with every guy in the place and i just didn’t have it in me to recover. I could probably pat myself on the back and say yes in a sausage fest i showed signs of being the highest value man and if i didn’t  black out i probably could of fucked her, but game is about results and mistakes repeating themselves become bad habits.

Alcohol and pickup fuck my vibe because compared to before now i know i have some control in the process. Before i used to get tipsy and talkative followed by proper drunk and crossed my fingers i would chat to what i now no as a yes girl. Now that im practising daygame i wake up the next morning going fuck she was on and i didn’t cop it fast enough.

If im being honest this year on dates i couldn’t figure out if i was getting the girl drunk or myself. I also fell asleep and started snoring when in a two set with Xants in milk and honey and i drank for 4 straight nights in kiev which sucked the amazement out of the  place and turned me into a nervous wreck for my first euro jaunt.

So this year the binge will not involve girls, no more thinking about them scanning for them or worrying about them. I will have a few pints with wings after a days grind. I will still drink on dates but to make her comfortable not me. I will still be available if a wing wants me to help him with a lead if she has a cockblocking friend and i will be there for a mate if he needs to get pissed to leave off steam, but the days of getting dressed up to hit the bars for woman are over unless i can do it sober because black out drunk and woman have lost there appeal.

Ps i was the weak and timid person growing up but because im such a likeable guy and modest i always had quality friends that could set me up with woman or have my back, but when you start learning game you start thinking am ill take it from here mate. Just a word of warning people will realise you changing.

Disclaimer i do not want to turn anyone against binging, its great fun but i’m living proof that burning the candle at both sides for so long destroys your mental health.



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