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2015 was the year i took action thank god for that (a 6 on tinder is actually a 4 in real life). I cant give enough credit to the famous Tom T as he keeps emphasising 90% action 10% mental masturbation.

Anyway to be honest i didn’t do amazing in quantity but what i smashed was the limiting belief that i don’t have to only go for girls within a couple of years of me, so here it goes.

26 yo Iranian 7.5 – dentist/part-time model – pre daygame – 1st day lay- i never met her before but had a 2 month dirty message interaction – i dont even know how i ended up with her number

24 yo Irish – SNL- 7 – first day of daygame – i remember pulling her then being in her house thinking i wish my mates were here as there was like 5 horny pretty attractive drunk irish girls.

20 yo hungarian – 7 –  first daygame lay – on my first ever solo DG – kept sleeping with her for several months – had an aha moment when she arrived on the date and i brought her for a drink and she sub communicated annoyance for not bringing her straight to my room

20 yo english – virgin – 7 – kept sleeping with her for several months – first time in my life i had two 20 yo on the go.

35 yo south african – 6.5- probably an ex 8 or 9 and kept in great shape – i had given up daygame for a few months because i was blagging a project in work i had no idea how to do. I decided id try and do an approach a day for a week to get back into the groove of it and she was approached on the first day (Monday) and fucked in some millionaires house on the Friday. This explained the secret society to me. She told me that she liked my nervous hornyness when i approached

18 yo Norwegian/Australian – 7.5 – boarding school goer – an incredible memory

40 odd yo American – 6.5 – definitely an ex unicorn (think Kate Moss) and i would of definitely kept seeing her if she didn’t plague me with texts after we slept together.

Late 20s Italian lesbian – 5.5 – Asked me to fuck her within 20 minutes of meeting her when on a night out with Xants – Kind of regret fucking her up the arse without a condom but its a good story so oh well

20 yo old American student – 7 – the type of girl you would be proud to have on your arm but unfortunately had no ass.


Near misses/ last minute resistance

23 yo Morrocan – 7 – half naked on my bed – hand job but no dice. I stopped texting her because she wrecked my head

23 yo French – 7 – 2 dates half naked on bed – hand on cock but no dice – she kept going on if we were GF and BF so i stopped texting her or she stopped texting me

Early 20s english girl – 6 – fell asleep drinking a bottle of gin with her at my cousins houseparty in london. I actually got oneitis for a girl at the same party who was with her boyfriend but had the cheek to keep giving IOIs every so often. She was probably a 7 but had that look that yes i would definitely pay to cum on her stomach. When i was younger i called girls like her the something about her girl. Every guy has one that not everyone agrees with the rating. I still cant stop thinking about her now and that was in september.

27 yo Indian/ English – 7.5 – Naked and hand job 0n second date. We arranged 3rd date but i got guilty in between and i texted her saying im not looking for a relationship which she was. Her body in a mini skirt was probably the best i have seen to date in my adult life.

25 yo Ukrainian – hand on cock in apartment but i pushed or pulled to quickly and burst the bubble.


2016 leads

Early 30s Indian – 5 (but she has an amazing gettho booty and tits i need to see out of clothes) – i brought her for a drink after a self development seminar – got a couple of happy xmas and safe flight home messages off her but i have’nt text back because well she’s a 5

25 yo Polish – 6 or 7 ill judge after i see her naked-will be the 3rd date with her when i’m back in london – she definitely wants a BF but fuck it unless she verbally brings it up with me i’m keeping my mouth shut

27 yo Russian – 7 – i fell in love with her on our first date and she keeps replying to my ping messages but she literally is giving me nothing. I decided to stop texting as theres no point if she does not get banter until i can seed a date.The time away has made me think she’s probably not all that. I expect a flake.


Highlight of the year:

Seeing Xants jumping into a set with a girl who’s parents were 2 feet in front of her. I instantly new this guy either new what he was doing or was in the process of figuring it out. He introduced me to like minded people who i owe my development to and most importantly now good mates.







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