What i want out of this blog and the year ahead

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My writing won’t be winning any awards so apologies in advance. For me i want this blog to keep me accountable for what i say.

See fortunately i have recognized a trait in myself that unless i hold myself accountable i will not make considerable progression. From the outside i talk a great game but i mentally masturbate  and procrastinate far to much in life. Daygame has been a blessing to me, i wish i had taken the plunge earlier, but even now i feel myself getting comfortable thinking you know im doing ok financially im in good shape compared to most guys and would regard myself a good-looking guy so maybe i should go back into the matrix and find a 7 with a good family and marry up.

This is absolute fools gold. I don’t want to be that loser who keeps bringing up stories about how he nearly started banging hotties. Im to honest to live that lie.

Being Irish you grow up and have friendships with allot of naturals. They are a dime a dozen to be honest. I unfortunately am not a natural. Im a natural talker, charmer but girls for some reason i never got over the teenage nerves. Today i show my mates pictures of girls i bang in london but i deep down know that they know that i know that they know im still not quiet there yet. High fives are always still in place but a common answer i get is yes but sure your single why wouldn’t you be banging these girls. Damn naturals but i get where they are coming from.

Anyway i cant give tips like Xants, Vaughn and Valentino, these guys are a rare breed of geniuses who can break down their experiences. No lie i actually ask Xants to read material and dumb it down for me. I like to set a goal, get there but i never know how i got there.

What i can do is live my experiences with everyone through this blog (rockstar, insecurities and cringe) and hopefully some readers will relate.


So for this year i want to:

  • Sharpen my game skills. This means stateless game and texting. I relied to much on getting into state in 2015 and it made me into a whining bitch leaching off my wings state.
  • Add one girl to my rotation that i enjoy being with i.e. what Xants has with some girl he met in Bulgaria or somewhere in europe. I cant recall because he never brings her up but i heard she’s ok looking.
  • Take up a martial art or boxing first or second week in january and keep this up for the year. I prefer to be a lover not a fighter but i believe everyman should at least be able to take a beating with dignity.
  • I wanted to say just quality but to be fair i need quantity as well to reduce any sexual hangups i have regarding fast sober sex and to stop me getting oneitis.
  • And for fuck sake get a handle on my drinking habits – just pure class As.


I would also like to make an announcement i will be changing my name. Seano was a rash decision that makes me sound like a pikey. Lets go with Mr S from here on out


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