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Well, that was the year that was and it was a good one. I was pretty low back in April when my former LTR broke up with me and I spent the Easter weekend alone playing GTA 5. Since then I’ve learnt a new skill set and banged 13 girls in the process. But what next for 2016?

Goal 1. start own business, earn £100k.

This should be relatively straightforward thanks to what I do. I’m just going to do exactly what I do now but keep all the cash instead of just part if it. I made £220,000 for my company last year, I don’t need that much to live on so I can hopefully work my ass off for the first part of the year then fuck off for a couple of months over summer.

Goal 2. Eurojaunting. Minimum 2 months abroad with average length of time of 2 weeks per trip.

More Eurojaunts, longer Eurojaunts. My Success in Budapest and seeing others success in Kiev in relatively short time frames makes me realise how much fun these trips can be but doing “smash and grab raids” is tricky. I’ve just read how Krauser thinks they’ve affected his year and he is WAY more experienced than me hence the requirement for longer trips.

Goal 3. Deadlift 220 kg at 90kg bodyweight.

Should focus my mind in the gym, I’ve done 200 before so it’s a 10% increase in my PB but won’t be easy especially as I need to lose weight.

Goal 4. Fuck 20 women with a quality average of 6.75.

I’m still hoping to hit 20 by first May (started count first May last year) but there’s been some ropey ones in there. I’m still hungry for notches though so I’m not going to make it all about quality.

They are in no particular order of importance but do take in the 4 important things in life health, wealth, lust and happiness.

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