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First day back at work after 2 weeks off, Vaughn and I have done a lot of Daygame in that time. There is something about Daygame that makes the rest of life seem dull, like in Fight Club where he says that “after Fight Club the rest of life seems to have the volume turned down.” (I think I stole this from another players blog, can’t remember whose, credit to whoever)

Coming into the office today though with a cold could not seem less appealing, especially as I plan on jacking it in as soon as I have my commission check at the end of January.

Why does daygame have this effect on people though? My theory is that we’re all preprogramed to want to pass on our genetic material, everything we do is at some level done to get you laid whether at an conscious level (joining a salsa class) or at a subconscious level (buying an expensive watch). The problem is when you start getting good at game you quickly realise that the main thing you need to get more sex is more time running game, any time spent doing anything else then seems like a waste. The result? We all get bored with our jobs as we no longer see earning vast amounts of cash as critical to us getting laid. As such, yet again, I am bored!!

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  1. It’s the trickle before the flood effect. Pre-game your pumping away like crazy for that trickle of pussy, the trickle is dirty water, it stops and starts, contains viruses and tastes foul. It’s not good for you, but you need it to survive. Post-game, the pussy is gushing and there is so much of it your swimming through the waves, lapping it up. You don’t need it anymore, you fucking enjoy it.

    Trouble is, you occasionally need to pump, and who wants to do that when you can be swimming.

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