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I’m still in the process of writing up last years Daygame bangs (the night game ones don’t really seem worth writing about). This was my 3rd.

I was out with Vaughn, I think it was a Saturday or Sunday back in June. The weather was dry but fairly average and nothing much else stands out in my mind about the day. We were on Regent Street at the BBC end when a cute Asian (7) walked past.

Now I had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about Asians at this point as initially I had really struggled to get them to stop at all, then I got some numbers and they’d all flaked, 1 of which 20 minutes before the date. I also had never fucked an Asian.

I remember she was moving fucking quickly for someone with tiny legs but I got in front and stopped her “Excuse me, I saw you walk past, I had to say you look really cute but you were walking along like an angry cat!”

Thank you Beginner Daygame (Tom Torero/Nick Krauser) this is straight out of the book.

Asian “Haha, what, I angry cat??”

Vaughn maintains she looked terrified.

It turned out she was Korean, over travelling for quite a few months and had no real plans despite walking along like an exocet missile. The only other thing I remember from the street stop is I got her to stroke my beard and could see Vaughn in the background wetting himself laughing.

I decided at this point to take a run at the same day lay.

Bounce 1. Pret, I buy us both a cup of tea. Conversation is hard, she speaks hardly any English and her pronunciation is awful. However this does make me speak very slowly and makes the pickup easier as I have ages to think about what to say.

Bounce 2. Across the road to All Bar One, I tell her it’s her round, she buys beers for us both. We sit by the window, not across from each other but at right angles. I start escalating physically. She’s got little shorts on and I’m stroking her legs under the table. At one point I think I’ve over done it as she goes quiet and starts looking out the window. I pull back a bit and ignore her, she reinitiates rapport.

I lived in Fulham at the time and start asking if she’s ever been to seed the next bounce. She hasn’t but she’s up for going. Boom!

Bounce 3. Fulham

This is where things hit a snag…. You see it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and getting a cab at this time would seem weird, so I decide to tube it however the District Line was undergoing maintenance. I ended up bouncing her back on 2 tubes and a rail replacement bus! It took about 1.5 hours and the conversation hadn’t gotten much better, it seemed like a lifetime.

Still, I’d got her into my local, just across from my flat. This conversation ensues, much to the amusement of the landlord:

“My round, what do you want.”

“Vodka ledu”


“What is pardon mean?”

“It means I didn’t understand you, what drink do you want?

“Vodka ledu”


“What is pardon?”

“Never mind, what drink?”

“Vodka ledu”


“Vodka ledu?”


“Vodka ledu”

“Vodka and what?”




Landlord “I think she means Lemonade”

Me “Is that it, Lemonade?”

Her “No, Ledu!”

Landlord “Can you see it? Point to it.”

What was it? Fucking Redbull. Turns out Koreans can’t do Rs.

We get a sofa in the back and drink our drinks, it’s empty and I go for the kiss but she isn’t having it, she doesn’t kiss in public.

After we finish our drinks I suggest one more back at mine, we go via Sainsbury and get a bottle of wine.

First big mistake, I hadn’t tidied my room, now it wasn’t a mess but I had left a bottle clearly labelled “Anal Lube” by the bed. I’d used it 3 days before to get my cock into the Black Christian.

“What is this? WHAT IS THIS? You like this position!?”


One piece of information I’d gleaned from her was she was a nurse so I replied “It makes condoms more comfortable and as a nurse I’m sure you agree how important they are to long term sexual health.”

Now this wasn’t ideal, I hadn’t kissed her yet and we were discussing anal. Anyway, we kiss, it’s slow going, we take turns playing songs on my Sonos. Eventually I get her topless.


My first go on a fake pair, they looked great. Still lots of LMR, she’s showing me her Hello Kitty socks blah blah. Eventually though I end up on top of her and work my finger up the side of her shorts and onto her pussy. That does the trick. She’s horny as sin after that, we get naked and fuck.


NEW FLAG – South Korea

I messaged the gang my +1 and a couple of pics (she had no problem with me taking pics). I said to them I felt like when Happy Gilmour gets a hole in one, he says “Hey, that was much easier than putting, I think I’ll just put it straight in the hole every time from now on.”

I saw her for 3-4 months after that, we even went to Brighton for a night together. She new I was a player, I never hid it, I think she fell in love with me a bit. In the end I got bored though, language barrier was an issue. It was fun while it lasted, she had an ace size 6 body, an excellent arse and those fake tits.

I’ve had a run at the SDL a few times since and so far haven’t managed it again despite 2 near misses.

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