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I woke up midday yesterday, it’s the first Monday of the year and I don’t have a job, my IT contract has already finished before Christmas. So at the moment I’m facing a few choices: I take some time off,  I look for another contract or leave London for an adventure. I’ve been in London just over a year now, and I’m not done yet, so let’s scratch leaving. I’ll probably just take January off, then get my enthusiasm back for another contract in Feb / March. There you go, decision made.

So that will give me a month to do some solid daygame in London. It’s been a good start to the year in terms of time infield, I’ve been going out almost everyday, and on those days I’ve been doing quite a few approaches, the responses on the whole have been quite good. Here are some of the reactions:

  1. Opened a dark haired sexy 7 strutting down Argyle Street, she loved the interaction and kissed me, one on each cheek then the lips. No number, she had a BF.
  2. Stopped a girl on Argyle street, she had a proper Towie girl look, really hot, flawless complexion with a red umbrella and gladiator boots. Unfortunately, it was in front of her boyfriend, he was walking about 10 ft in front of her as she battled the rain. He was a big black fella, he glared at me, I muttered an apology and moved on. Why can’t people who are together fucking walk together?
  3. A Scottish girl and her mate in China town, they were both gushing in set, and one girl almost forced the other girl to give me her number.
  4. A Chinese girl scrunched up her face and couldn’t even look me in the eye before dismissing me.
  5. Another Chinese girl loved my approach, gave me her number and now we’re going for “English tea in the week”. Trouble is, i don’t really fancy her.
  6. A 19 yr old Chinese/Indian girl loved my approach, gave me her number after I accused her of being dangerous, she ran with it and said she had a knife in her bag. Organised the date, which she has since flaked on.
  7. A Greek milf in a bar in Nottinghill on NYE, got her number for a warm up, it was a 2 set and they loved it.. she wanted me to meet her later. She asked me “who I was kissing at midnight”. I told her someone very attractive, and I have a mirror ready just for the occasion. In hindsight I probably should have followed that one up.
  8. An early evening 20’s French girl, she loved the interaction, unfortunately this was  NYE. I got very drunk, forgot I’d taken her number. Was sat reading a blog yesterday that mentioned a French girl, then realised that I hadn’t texted her back. Unfortunately, she had since left to go back to France.
  9. Some teenagers opened me in Leicester square, “You look Italian, then they started giggling”. I didn’t pursue, they looked 14 or 15.
  10. A very hot alternative looking Japanese girl, who IOI’d me. I screwed it up by going a bit nervous and doing the “hair dresser” questions. Didn’t number close.

There are a load more, which all of the drinking has wiped from my short-term memory.

That Chinese 6 will love my clean room, she will go straight onto her knees and suck my off whilst she admires her reflection in my shiny floor. I wuff your clean floor.. gobble gobble.

Anyway, back to waking up midday, I had all of the numbers and approaches swimming around my head and I couldn’t focus. First thing was to respond to a hot German 7 who I met in a bar (after doing daygame). Her mate was my target, but I clicked with her better, got a bit bored with the interaction, number closed anyway. She then reopened me over text, inviting me to Walkabout bar yesterday. I hate noisy bars for pick-up, and walkabout is the worst for that, so I tried a frame-push to get her to come to Nottinghill, pushed it a bit-far and she stopped responding. Meh, they go back to Germany today, although she said she will be back in Feb.

Then I read through all my most recent interactions, I sent date requests to 3 girls, 1 agreeing and flaking, the other 2 told me they enjoyed the chat but had BFs. All the rest didn’t respond or did respond and were out of London. Another 2 of my numbers were fakes, although I think i just put them in wrong.  Often times when I “hit state” I forget the basics, like actually checking the number works, and calling it. It left me with a Chinese 6, and the Swedish girl I already fucked. I pinged the Swedish girl, no response yet.

I then had a mini-life crisis, what the fuck was I doing with my life?, why did I put so much effort into daygame? and all I had to show for it was an upcoming tea date with a Chinese 6. Fuck. I read some blogs, and started rereading Krauser’s balls deep for some inspiration and then had a flick through some of the other Daygame channels on YouTube. The book inspired me to watch some of the earlier stuff by Krauser, I then found a short south-american guy called Ed Lopez, who I resonated with. I’m not very tall and I tend to weasel doing the tall girls, generally leaving them to my wings. He also had some video-tips about making sure your bathroom and bedroom were clean and tidy, ready for the bang,

So what did I do? With no other plan, I cleaned my room and the bathroom, and threw out 3 bags of stuff. I took a shower and the mini-crisis seemed to be over. I had achieved something today. That Chinese 6 will love my clean room, she will go straight onto her knees and suck my off whilst she admires her reflection in my shiny floor. I wuff your clean floor.. gobble gobble.

I also went out in the evening for some gutter/bar game.




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  1. I was going to write something like this, after the amount of game and approaches we did I’m also not holding a pair of Aces! I’ll probably write my own post but from all of that I’ve realistically got 1 girl who’s replying well but we haven’t been able to fix a date up yet. In fact I’ll write a post on my own misery!

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