December Daygame Review

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As mentioned in earlier posts I’ve done quite a bit of Game over the Christmas and New Year period, mostly with Vaughn. Reading his most recent post has made me feel a little better as he, like me, doesn’t seem to have gotten much out of it in terms of concrete results.

At a guess I’ve done 100-150 sets over that period, I’ve quite enjoyed doing them even doing a 12 hour session in the pissing rain, so that’s a positive, I enjoy the process.


Well, looking at my phone I got 15 numbers (not including 2 blatant fakes) and a couple of facebooks, so where have they all gone?

The answer is I actually don’t know, I have one responding strongly but haven’t been able to confirm a date yet due to logistics. She’s a cute Russian 7 and right now one of my strongest leads, the only one that is stronger is a Scottish girl I have a date confirmed with on Thursday but she’s a girl I opened aaaaages ago and hasn’t been around for a while so doesn’t count for the purposes of this post.

A couple of girls blocked me straight away, some didn’t reply, logistics screwed up a good few.

I instant dated 3 of the numbers-

Romanian 7: Wrote about her before, I kissed her but who I always doubted would come back to me. She has messaged infrequently and even asked me out before flaking, she seems a bit of an odd ball.

American 6: Looked like an ugly version of the 16 year old from Californication, met on New Years Eve. I think could have been an SDL in different circumstances but I would have had to spend all day with her which I couldn’t do on that day. I also think I over escalated her by trying to kiss her too soon before number closing which wasn’t really very calibrated in hindsight, she’s not replied to my messages.

Lithuanian 6: Quick coffee, she had IOI’d me, now not responding to messages, I thought she would but goes to show you can’t tell.

All yet more evidence that instant dates don’t positively effect my results.

I had a date sort of arranged for tonight with a little Chinese girl though I’m not sure if she’s even a 6 and she’s now though only 1 ticking on WhatsApp. Fucking 1 ticking!? This in theory means the message hasn’t been delivered. What the fuck am I meant to do with that? We already spoke on WhatsApp so she’d received them before and I can still see her picture so she hasn’t blocked me. My options are call her, SMS her, do nothing and I’m really not that arsed about her.

So for all that it looks like I’m down to 1 lead which is still a long way from closing but if that does come off I’ll be over the moon so fingers crossed….

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