Solo daygame adventures 1 – tanks run empty

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Bar game

My gutter/night game proved fruitful yesterday, did some street approaches before hitting a few bars in Nottinghill. My wing Macca scored an early lead with a Ukrainian girl, cute with glasses, he number closed her. I then stopped an English girl, I’ll give her a 6, she’s slim, mid-20s, got the number and she seemed to be pushing for me to take her for a drink there and then. I declined as the night was just getting going and I wanted something a bit better. I pushed Macca into another set, a cute looking English girl, she didn’t stop, I then did a girl sat on a bench. Some interaction, she seemed to enjoy it, texted her today, and she hasn’t responded, looks like a shot to nothing.

We hit some “state” i rolled into 3 girls coming out of a bar, “you 2 look like bad girls, she looks like the good one, staying at home reading her books, probably she drinks some wine whilst she does it”. They enjoyed the interaction, 2 were ugly, 1 was hot. 1 of the ugly girls decided to tell me that they all had boyfriends. The hot one was eyeing me up though, and invited me to have a drink with them in the next bar. I didn’t see how I could extract her from the other 2, so I declined. Again, benefit of hindsight, I should have gone and my wing could have distracted them. Whilst I closed her. Gah, fail.

Hit a few more bars, nothing doing, got a spectacular blow-out from a super-hot English girl, she told me “you can go now”.  I hit McDonalds after and got the number of an Italian girl, again I don’t fancy her. Good practice though.


So today woke up with a ringing head, I faffed a bit in my place then decided to give some solo daygame ago. I’ve done some solo stuff a long long time ago, always recently I’ve done it with a wing. I headed out about 1pm, I decided to walk into central London and see what I came across. When I left the house, fuck, a well dressed woman eas right outside, I wasn’t ready to approach. When I got close she wasn’t hot, I had my weasel and I didn’t open her. Then it took me almost the length of Portobello road to open a girl, but I did it. A cute little Spanish looking girl, she eyed me as I passed her. That’s all I needed to get my first set done. Fuck me, I was nervous. She let all that slide and it was an easy open, the nerves faded as she was receptive to my nervous charm.

She was a Columbian 6, came to Nottinghill to buy some things for the “day of kings”. I’ve yet to add Columbia to my flag collection, I pressed her for an instant-date but she refused as she was on a tight time schedule. So got her number, and she seems very keen. I walked past Nottinghill station and weaseled everything, I hit the top of Hyde Park, a girl in a red leather jacket was walking through. I stopped her, did the compliment and something about her jacket looking like the one from Michel Jacksons Thriller. She responded with “I’m sorry, what is this?” then said she had to go. I kicked myself for my weak open then let it slide.

Along the top of Hyde Park there was nothing to shoot at, so I hit Oxford Street. Hyde Park had been a drought, then Oxford Street was a flood. I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of cute girls walking past me, and on their own ffs. Weasel after weasel hit me. I needed a break so I bought a new woolen hat. Yet another weasel and rolled around Marks & Spencers a bit, went to the top floor to the bathroom. Splashed some water on my face – looked at my reflection, I was sweating buckets, so I took off some layers and stuffed them into the M & S bag with my new hat. Told myself “I can do this, i can fucking do this”, went back to the street level. A hot black girl eyed me up in the shop, I weaseled again, apparently I can’t do this.

Onto the street, a cute Asian in tight jeans and those no-heel shoes (they are called gravity-heels, pic below) was ambling slowly, I opened her. A look of expectation in my eyes, “I spotted you from over there, you look nice” I blurted.. she said thanks “so I had to say hello”.. Thanks she said again. Then she bolted straight into a shop. Hmm..

Screaming open me

Screaming open me yesterday

I walked down to Leicester square opened a hot blonde girl, bit taller than my usual type. I’m trying to break types at the minute. She took the compliment and kept going. Another older woman, early 30’s took the compliment, she had a good body, but when she smiled her teeth were awful. I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to stick my tongue down her throat. She loved the interaction, I left and wished her a good stay in London.

A mid-teens red-head girl with her parents eyed me up, I eye-fucked her and she cracked a smile, I smiled back. Then straight to a little Portuguese girl with a nose-ring, I opened her, but didn’t fancy her. Enough of Leicester square.. I decided to go get a sandwich at Pret and a coffee then I’d sit in Trafalgar square and sniper some girls I fancied. I walked behind the national gallery, I weaseled an Indian girl, then fuck me.

Manna from heaven, a cute little 7 came skipping up the road, she eyed me. A petite curvy  girl-next-door American from DC, student type but with a plunging neckline, here for a semester. I went straight in and accused her of “Eyeing me up, there’s a law against that”. She hooked immediately, her eyes were spazzing out. More teasing, then some chat about her, she asked about me. Hook baby baby, I tried for the insta-date, a refusal, fluff talk, tried again, another refusal. Accused her of being a terrorist, (tourist).. did a fake high 5 where I pulled my hand away. She punched me on the arm in mock outrage. The whole set was a fucking joy, she went off skipping and I went to Pret for my soup and a coffee. A massive smile on my face.

I sat in Pret and analysed what had just happened. Then my whole state collapsed, all the good feeling rushed away, I felt empty. I was mentally exhausted, I stayed there about an hour thinking over things then decided to go to Foyles book shop. I wanted to buy the book “Sperm wars”, I also wanted to see new bits of London. All these places I walked past doing daygame, and never been in. I guess solo daygame is good for that, if you want to go somewhere you just do it. No having to organise with a wing.

9 opens, and 2 solid numbers. Both girls I would fuck. I think all of the grind I’ve done over the last week or so with Xants desensitised me to the worst of it. There you go, if you want to do solo daygame and you want to make it a bit easier for yourself. Then my advice would be to do a shit-load of winged stuff first then pick a day and do it solo. Do the same areas on your own as you do with a wing and the whole thing doesn’t seem too bad.

More daygame tomorrow, although I feel a cold coming on. cough* weasel*cough.


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  1. Hi guys, first time I’ve commented on any of the daygame blogs I read (I’ve taken krauser’s advice and used a pseudonym for my email address). Just wanted to give some encouragement and say you have at least one London daygamer who’s a fan of the blog, it’s even inspired me to get back on the streets after doing very little daygame in 2015. Keep it up! [Thanks man, really appreciate that, hope you enjoy]

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