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I am not a naturally good looking man. I was not the boy girls lusted after at school. I gained weight both before and during university, I think a fair assessment of my looks at that point is that I looked like a fat lesbian who’d been punched in both eyes. I’d say back then I was probably a 3 on the looks scale.

The realisation that I could improve my looks came way before the realisation that getting good with women was a learnable skill set. Still it was something of a shock; I was bemoaning to a friend my lack of success with women and how much of a nice guy I was when he snapped “Well you could at least make an effort! Shave that wispy shit off your chin, cut your hair and get some decent clothes.”

It upset me a bit at the time, I was a sensitive soul back then but I realised he was right and took his advice. I finally lost my virginity a few months later (though admittedly she was bisexual, fat and ugly, she probably liked the fat lesbian look). Still, it was another 2 years before I lost weight, a year after that I started investing in a decent haircut and it was my ex wife that taught me the various other tricks I now employ (she has my thanks for that much at least).

I’m now probably more like a 6  and I could possibly push for a 7 if I worked really hard on my diet, here are some of the things I’ve done to help.

Hair:- Cut and coloured once a month or even every 3 weeks where possible by a gay guy in a decent salon, you can say what you like about the gays they know a thing or 2 about hair.

Eyebrows:- They used to be like Noel Gallagher’s on miracle grow. Now plucked regularly, initially by somebody that knew what they were doing, now maintained by me. Make sure the first person to pluck your eyebrows knows how to do men’s as they differ in style to women’s, if they do it wrong you’ll look like a right tit as did I when I removed a bit too much. Once done just remove them as they grow back, little and often, don’t remove too much.

Eyes:- I’ve always had massive dark circles around my eyes, I’ve eventually found the cause is allergies caused by dust and pets. The answer? I remove every speck of dust from my bedroom with a pair of tweezers…. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple, instead I use an over the counter, steroid based antihistamine nazal spray (Flixonaze) and cover up the remainder with concealer (YSL gold pen, I use a number 2, any girl will know what this is including the one on the YSL makeup counter, yes they’ll think you’re gay but so what). Also use an eye brightening eyedrop to remove any redness.

Lips:- Lip balm, duh

Facial hair:- No longer clean shaven, having experimented I prefer a short beard

Skin:- Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise regularly. I don’t spend much on these products as anything you read will tell you they are all basically the same, that said you can notice the difference in the exfoliator. Toner is like a solvent that dissolves shit on your skin. This is the part of my routine that I’m lease sure adds benefit. I also highly recommend a tinted moisturiser, especially if you aren’t tanned.

Teeth:- Electric toothbrush, floss daily, regular professional cleaning.

Tanning:- Makes a huge difference, also helps my eye rings to blend in however probably ages me and may cause cancer. Still, better cancer than celibacy, right now I use a tanning bed. Spray tanning makes you look pretty only way is essex and is more expensive.

Gym:- Regular strength training and interval training, initially I did Starting Strength and now do Wendler 5/3/1 and push a prowler for intervals which is actually part of the 5/3/1 programme

Diet:- This is a weakness, I drink too much, I know what to do but don’t apply it often enough. Historically I’ve lost 5 stone (30kg) with the above training programme and a high protein low calorie diet. Right now I need to lose about 10kg but the question is can I get my arse in gear diet wise.

Posture:- Another weakness, I know how to stand right when I think about it, need to make it a habit. Trying to repeat “posture, posture, posture” to myself before going into set.

Anyway, all of this has helped raise me from a 3 to a 6, I’m still not getting mad IOI’s from catwalk models but at least not many are recoiling in horror when I open them. Hot girls work incredibly hard on their appearance, there’s no reason not to at least put some work in.

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