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I’m struggling with my calibration between persistence vs vacuum. If you treat game as sales, then any phone number you get is a lead. All leads should be followed up, but the strength of the lead determines how you should deal with it. My problem is weak numbers, and how to deal with them.  The problem is with weak numbers, the girl already holds all the value, as soon as you text her and she isn’t responding, then the power shifts noticeably to her. You are trying to get her attention, she reads your text then decides not to respond.

Too much persistence yesterday

Too much persistence yesterday

You lose value for every follow up and ping text you send her where she doesn’t respond. What is her mindset in this case, well who knows, there a million reasons why she doesn’t respond, but it all boils down to one thing. How high she perceives your sexual market value relative to her and relative to her other suitors. With that in mind, the more you text her with her not responding the more you lower your value, and the less likely she is to respond.

Hang on though, as a guy it’s my job to be persistent and her job to resist, so how does this relate to dealing with her not responding. Non-response is her resisting me, me texting her is my persistence.

So the more she resists, I think the less I should persist. In this case the only viable non-persistence is  the vacuum. I stop sending her texts, then I am waiting for her to feel the sense of loss from my lack of attention and re-engage me.  Alternatively i leave it a significant length of time, for my value to recharge then I can ping off another feeler text. What should that length of time be?

No more than this

No more than this

The general consensus is that if you send two texts and she hasn’t replied you have to vacuum. For me I’ve found I’m too quick to break ranks, and want to persist, just because of the very nature of text being a low level investment. I’ve decided this is the wrong mindset, even if it is a low investment activity, it’s still giving her undeserved attention. My advice therefore: no-longer flog the dead text horse, instead to vacuum longer, much longer than you are normally comfortable with.




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  1. These days I’m more of the opinion that if they don’t respond to your first text it’s 95% dead, if they only respond with a short reply and after a while it’s 70% dead. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth following up as it isn’t much of an investment of time but to date I don’t think I’ve had a single date with a girl that didn’t respond to my first message.

    1. Depends on the strength of your first text, and might also be affected by outside timing factors.
      On the other hand, I do concur with you in your assessment that her first response is the best piece of information to gauge her level of interest.

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  3. I’m also interested in this. It is exactly as you say. One text, and emergency text later. You don’t want to be in the position of having to give that second text. In my opinion, the second emergency text makes her comfortable enough to text you back but it does not change her mind in whatever reason she had to not contact you/date you. i.e. it doesn’t work. But I’d love to be proven wrong.

    You just gotta believe in your first text/date request.

  4. Im daygaming in London and Ive found that

    1) a lot of seemingly good number closes don’t respond to the first ‘feeler text’ at all. talking about 80% which is frustrating. a lot of daygamers don’t give that stat … the number close to actual meetup stat … I don’t know if this is normal or not.

    2) if they don’t respond to the first feeler text, then they nearly always wont respond to anything afterwards. tried all sorts of gambits, the main daygame pings, pictures etc. nothing seems to jolt them back into a response.

    3) in the rare cases ive resuscitated an exchange after no initial response, its always been a long time afterwards, 3 to 6 months, its only happened twice, both times the girls told me subsequently theyd broken up with boyfriends at the time we met [who they didn’t mention at the time] and Id essentially caught them on the break. [they were both polish 7s as well if that means anything .. perhaps more amenable to meeting up a long time after meeting?].

    this basically suggests to me a lot of text game stuff is BS .. if she is interested she’ll come back to the basic feeler text .. if not theres pretty much 0% of hearing back from her.

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      Agree, if they don’t respond within two texts, you may as well delete their number, I don’t bother with trying to “resuscitate” dead numbers. No point, better to just go out there and get some new leads.
      Text game – it won’t win her over, but you can lose her over it.

      1. yep, so a sensible text game guide should really be as follows:

        send out a feeler text …. if she a) comes back – ask her on date b) doesn’t come back – assume its dead and don’t expend any energy trying to resuscitate the lead. I would save up all of these and six months later do a dead number resuscitation ping though, “are you still alive!” to a accumulated batch, might get a date out of a load of numbers and there isn’t much to lose. the secret is not to invest emotionally in any number after an interaction, I wasted a few days thinking about what to say following an interaction with a cute English girl after my first text wasn’t responded to, didn’t do any daygame in that time, which is a noob mistake (especially as she was English and I should have know better doh!) .

        What sort of no close to response / date stats do you guys pull down? Mine is very poor as I said above, only 20% of no closes even respond, but these ones pretty much all then come on at least one date with me. However, I number close a relatively high % of the girls who I open, perhaps around 20%. The 20/20 rule seems to apply in my case. This means out of every 100 sets I’m getting 20 numbers, of whom only 4 come on a date! Eeeek. From what I can glean from other daygamers (although there is a lot of bullshit around this) … it seems that most guys get relatively small % of number closes, but then these few no closes covert into dates. If this is true perhaps all I’m doing is somehow managing to pick up numbers off girls who are not available or interested. Could be because I am I older and convey more authority they are just giving me their number if I ask for it as they don’t feel they can brush me off like a daygame kid on oxford street. Hmm.

  5. I don’t think your rates are subnormal or anything… That’s just the reality of daygame, in my opinion. I game Argentinean girls in my own language and open to close range is around 1 in 100 approaches – or even 1 in 150 when I’m in my home town (population: around 800k). When travelling to the national capital – Buenos Aires (population: about 3 million) the rate drops to 1 in 50, and this is when I’m hitting it hard and my vibe is through the roof.
    As to open to number close, and number close to date, the former is around 1 in 5 and the latter is significantly lower, at an average of 1 in 15. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve yet to come out of the r/K wilderness. But the truth be told, I absolutely abhor gaming in my hometown… The vast majority of girls are just uninspiring, princesslike and bitchy to top it off. I think this takes a huge toll in my vibe, thus the low churning rate.

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      Yeah seems about right, I’ve never really kept accurate approach records. Princess-Bitch? Is that just the case with South American girls? I found Colomnbian girls could be very princess like. Especially the hot ones. Selfie attention whores, with no depth to their personalities. When you find a quality girl, some times you might want to think about holding onto her for a bit. That’s where I am at the minute.

      Btw. thanks for reading 🙂

      1. Ive only approached one Argentinian girl in London, for some reason they don’t come to London much. She was super hot, engaged in a long conversation talking to me for about 30 mins on the street but ended up being a complete time waster. Bodi has some good posts on his blog about S American girls which fit with what you said about your experiences. Still, it cant be more harsh than London game, soulless English girls, a lifeless rat race of hustle and bustle, rain dark and cold with a PUA army trawling the streets up ahead of you. The grass is always greener on the other side 😉

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          I don’t think it’s that bad in London, like I’ve said a million times on this blog. It doesn’t matter that a girl has been approached before in the day. All that matters is that you do it better than the other guys. That’s not that hard.

          Never met an Argentinian girl in London, so I’ll reserve judgement on them.

        2. That reason is financial impediment. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and salaries in Argentina are one of the lowest – also, the conversion rate is a killer. As to the women’s personality, what the anglosphere travellers (such as Bodi or Roosh) say is quite accurate. Most girls really play fucktarded games – especially the top-notch quality, which would be perhaps an eight in Russia – so a belligerent attitude is needed to proactively filter out the time wasters. The mediocre girls present another problem, which is inability to assume their feminine role in the courting ritual; girls simply are not accustomed to be proactively gamed – much less so during the day – and so the game is simply not in the reality of the vast majority, which makes them recoil in shock and eject. I think this sort of social retardation is also common in Asia, and guys are to blame in the first place. Here guys are masculine, however 99% of them are utterly incompetent in the seduction arts. Daygamers are an even rarer occurence and I have literally never seen another daygamer doing his thing in the streets (I’ve been doing this for almost a year now).
          Finally, if you think Colombians or Venezuelans are tough to crack I would say Argies are twice as much less likely to put out, and they are not nearly as hot or feminine – but hey, that’s just me… I currently have two Venezuelans and one Colombian in my rotation.

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        3. In general, here not only are women soulless, they’re also mindless. It’s still possible to have success though, if one is willing to put in a ton of work and leave the ego at home.

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