Solo daygame adventures 2 – I don’t eat dog

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Day 2 of my solo daygaming, I decided that since the interaction with the American had been so strong that I’d wait a full day to text her back. She’s around for a while, so there is no rush to text her. Also my theory was I pulled pretty strongly with her, so some waiting between texts to preserve my value seems to be a good idea. A bit of shove to show her I’m not all fizz and attraction. I  have scarcity too, damn it.

Up early today, I have a mild cold, so felt at about 80% of my normal self. Shower, then some work/life admin. At 1pm I was set to go. I have the same route planned, and a time limit on it, the date with my Chinese 6 at 4pm.. I put on my wolly hat and scarf and hit the streets for 3 hours. Walked up to Portobello road and grabbed a coffee. 1pm feels like a good time of the day to meet some solo girls out. There were a quite a few on the streets, stopping to take photos and looking at the tat sold on the market stalls.

First one’s always the hardest, but today was easy, because I fancied the fuck out of a girl I spotted. Leggy Spanish looking, well dressed, black knee length boots. Chased her down, again it came across a bit nervy, but I could see she appreciated the stop. A really friendly girl, half-way through she told me she had a boyfriend. She said pretty serious, we’ve been together 5 years. I didn’t push it further, but we chatted more and she ended up giving me her business card. 1 point to daygame.

I then spotted a Spanish looking girl with a good body, the face was OK, but when I stopped her, there seemed something amiss with her. She was friendly, but all the color was drained from her, she had a gallows pallor to her skin, and her make up was all wrong. Bits of yellow and orange that didn’t seem to fit together. Her skin was too lined for a young girl, she had stories to tell I’m sure. The approach was alright, she stopped, I didn’t fancy her really, but went for the number anyway. She had “love back home in spain”.. phew. I don’t have to date her. i ejected, wished her a good day.

Opened a hot looking blonde with deep blue eyes, carrying a camera, a rucksack and had a bit of a traveller look. She stopped, but she didn’t really want to, I persisted and got her chatting. I high-fived myself in my head for not letting her lack of interest phase me. She was looking for work in Nottinghill, a bar / shop or something. She never really hooked and went on her way, I wished her a good day.

I then weaseled a load by the station, went for some soup in Pret and looked over my daygame notes. After the soup I headed back out, towards Hyde Park. I tried to work on my walk and force IOI’s. Who’d have thought, this shit works, I could tell a few of the women that passed me by were checking me out, with little glances or looking me in the eyes. Nothing doing though, no young pretty girls until I got to Oxford Street.

Oxford street was chaos again, plenty to shoot at but my weasels kicked in. Then I spotted a student looking girl pretty petite without makeup, she actually looked at me. That was enough, I ran around  and did the stop, glad I did. She is an 18 yr old English student, but Albanian origin, she was on her way to work. I teased her on her coat, she was pretty friendly. She asked how old I was, I lied telling her I was 29. She then asked me how I look so good for my age, I asked her why? How old did she think I was.. apparently she thought I was 24. Score, I told her actually I’m 85, but my plastic surgeon is expensive but awesome.

She asked me for his number, she said most people thought she was 14. I said she looked young, but not that young. I said don’t worry, my plastic surgeon can add wrinkles too if she wants them. She giggled. I number closed her, then her mum rang and she took the call, and spoke in Albanian for 1 min. I pretended to look bored and checked my phone. When she finished, I pretended that I new what she was saying on the call… that she was telling her mum she met a handsome English guy on the street, that she wanted him to take her for a drink and that she was asking for her mothers permission. She started laughing, I high-fived her then sent her on her way. I have since checked her Whatsapp profile pic, and damn, she is hot made-up and dressed up.

Albanian teen, today.

Albanian teen, today.

That took me up to the date with the Chinese 6, I started out not fancying her, we went for a tea, as she doesn’t drink. We sat and chatted a bit, I did a tiny bit of kino escalation, spiced it up a bit. Mostly it was comfort stuff, finding out about her and her life. I thought she was 19, but I’ve since checked her facebook and she is 23. She studied in Beijing and is here doing a media course in London. She’s been here 3 months, initially she hated it, but told me she had become more social. I was bowled over by how innocent she seemed, I am pretty sure she is a virgin and I’m not sure she has even kissed a guy. She has never had a relationship and she has come to London to make big changes in her life. She is a very sweet, and very intelligent girl, she dug into me a bit, asked me how many girls I’d stopped that day. I told her honestly, quite a few, she asked if I had a girlfriend, I said “no”. Which is true, since I don’t and I don’t have any plates.

She never asked my age, which is weird, we talked about the difference between English / Chinese culture. She told me that all English people thought Chinese eat dogs, she said she didn’t, so I asked her if the cats in London were safe. She punched me on the arm, I left at the station, a kiss on each cheek. She said she’d like to see me again. I probably will, but it has to be guilt free, I can sense she wants some adventure. So I can give her that, but not a relationship.

All in all a great day, also my old work rang, so I am working tomorrow and Friday.



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