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This post is more for my benefit than anyone reading, taking stock of my leads.

Current rotation:

Hungarian 8 based in Budapest

English 6 based in London

I don’t do rotations well, I’ve sacked off my last 2 rotation girls in London, both were probably fitter than my current London one however not as kinky. Rotations are effort.


Ukrainian long gane girl, dated her once in Kiev, probably a 7 but also not as hot as other girls I dated out there. We chat regularly and I Skype called her the other night. She’s a virgin, I don’t see this as a good thing, just higher barrier to entry.

Canadian in London, date with her on Tuesday coming. She cancelled on me twice before due to “work” I have a 2 flake limit so I just deleted her number and forgot about her until she messaged me on Christmas day.

Chinese girl, I cancelled on her in the week due to a terrible cold, she didn’t reply to my last message.

Little Russian, was replying well, now isn’t.

Having reviewed my limited options I think I’m going to book a flight to Budapest.

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