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I can’t decide if I missed a trick or not. On Thursday I had a date with a Scottish girl I opened ages ago in Islington, I hadn’t been doing any game but she walked past and I decided to open her anyway, interaction was strong and she replied well to my first message.

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As you’ll see she said in her message she “had a boyfriend at the moment” which to me seems like somewhat telling language. I decided to use a line I got from Jimmy Jambone’s blog suggesting we meet anyway and that I’m not necessarily suggesting anything romantic,  the subtext being that I’m also not necessarily ruling it out.

She’s been out if town for forever and a day but she’s always messaged back quickly and eventually we meet.

I actually thought she might have split up from boyfriend but she brings it up and they are together, he’s a professional gymnast, which immediately makes me feel inferior and they live together. She does however also say he’s going to leave her to be in a circus in dubai and disqualifies him when I ask “so, when’s the wedding.” Her body language has screamed on since we met, with her walking very close to me, basically touching, to the first bar.

I definitely feel inferior to her boyfriend though, being a gymnast means he’s fucking ripped. I do however think she may be fed up with him and that he’s potentially a massive loser in every other way. She’s very interested in what I do for a living (am I getting put in the provider box). In the end though I’m not feeling it, 2 drinks and I bail.

I don’t know if it’s some minor shade of blue left in my red pill heart, if she didn’t live with him I might have bounced her to another bar and tried to escalate but in the end I don’t want to be there.  I’m too worried I’ve already friend zoned myself.

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