The lengths guys will go to get laid

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A couple of months ago I was out in central with Vaughn and Mr S, it was going horribly. My state was awful, I’d been blown out of nearly every set. This is quite rare for me,  I’d been drinking a lot the day before which didn’t help.

We were near picadilly when a girl walked past who was kind of cute, had massive tits and was FUCKING ALTERNATIVE, pink hair, tattoos etc. I said to the guys “fuck it, I like a freak.” and went in.

From the street stop I eventually got her back to mine and got a same day blow job, no sex as she was on the blob. She gave great head as she had a split tongue and could actually lick 3 sides of my dick at once. Not everybody’s taste I know and not one you’d take home to meet your mother, I did say fucking alternative didn’t I?

Now this story isn’t really about that day and what happened but about the story she told me and as a warning to any omega/gamma males contemplating weird snake seduction techniques. You see she was a tattoo artist based in Canada and had been slutting it up over there on tinder. Somebody contacted her on tinder and said to her “If you could tattoo anything on me what would you do?”

She replied “A transexual jesus on a cross surounded by buttplug ivy and my name.”

So what did said Gamma do? At this barest sniff of pussy he let her do it.


Above tranny Jesus, this does not get you laid

I said to her “Jesus, the lengths some guys go to to get laid!”

And she replied back in an almost indignant way “Oh no, I didn’t sleep with him, he hit the roof when I declined a second date.”

Hit the roof!? I bet he did love, you just scarred him for life and he still didn’t get his dick wet, who’s going to fuck him now with that shit on his back? Remember fellas, bitches be evil.


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