How to fuck up a Hot German Yes girl – Part 2

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I’m hungover and have a cold, I wake up fully clothed on my bed. I’m still wearing my shoes, hat and scarf. I can’t remember how I got here, or what happened the previous night.

I’d headed out with Macca, and Mr S, one of my non-game mates came too. We had done a pretty full day of daygame and were having a last pint in Nottinghill before wrapping up for the day. Macca is trying to convince us all to go to Bar Salsa, he has 7 girls from his work going. Mr S is sceptical as he doesn’t dance, I can’t be bothered as I’m feeling hungover and a bit spaced out from a full day of pounding the streets. Thankfully, his lead texts him, apparently they are not going out any more. Score, I don’t have to head back into central again. You’d think a warm invite to a party with 7 girls would get the blood flowing, daygame destroys that. Why do I need to go all that way, when I can just pick a girl from Portobello road.

I’m telling them the story about last night, the two German girls. We’re in the same bar that we met them yesterday. We’re sat in the beer garden, my non-game mate is showing us pictures of the birds he’s trying to fuck at the Salsa he is doing. I look at them and think they’re a little old for me, he tells me they are 24. I’m being a complete dickhead, and come across a bit arrogant. He picks up on it.

I'm sure all 7 looked like this

I’m sure all 7 looked like this

We head inside, since we’re not going central we decide to stick to Nottinghill for some gutter / bar game. We start on shandies, we open a few girls in the bar. We’re loud and having fun, girls are looking at us. We switch to beers, wrong move. I don’t know it yet, but I’m about to fuck up another chance to fuck the same hot German girl. She and her mate are in the bar, wearing the same sexy outfits. I point over to Mr S, I say, that’s them.

I’m still being a dick, I decide that Mr S and I could have had a chance of fucking them, but I need to ditch Macca and my mate. I tell the other two guys that I’m going for another shot with the German girls with Mr S. Macca takes the hint, he’s tired anyway from a night of partying and he leaves. My non-game mate stays, he doesn’t get it, I basically tell him to leave. I’m being a complete dickhead.

I go over to the two girls and pull them over to us. The Brunette looks worried, she asks if Xants is with me. I say no, and apologise for his behaviour, Blondie is beaming. We get them over to us, they try and sit together, Mr S tells them no. You sit there, and I sit there. He sits next to her, i get Blondie again next to me. And that’s it, that’s all I can remember from the night. I remember after that we went to a club. I remember dancing with her, I remember kissing her. Then I woke up on my bed, again no fuck, again a huge hangover.

I have fucked it up again, I text the girl. Fuck fuck fuck, she loves me. How can I fuck it up again? I blame her for getting me drunk to try and have her way with me. She responds immediately. I stupidly then send a date request. She doesn’t respond.. fuck fuck fuck. Too needy. We go out and do a few hours of daygame… all the while, I’m checking my phone, no response, no response. 6pm rolls around, she responds.

“sounds, great”

That’s the thing about game, it’s an emotional roller coaster. Those two words caused such a well of emotion. I beamed, it’s weird, because I know one day I’ll tire of her. So that is my date this Monday, then Tuesday I have the Chinese girl again, Thursday is a hot Polish girl I met on New Bond street. I texted the Swedish girl again, she responded, so looks like I may get a repeat. A different German girl is also responding. I’m also out for some more solo daygame adventures tomorrow.

There you go, keep flipping those stones, 3rd time lucky with the German girl tomorrow. Don’t fuck this up.

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