Chinese 6 Day 2

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The Chinese 6 is a virgin, she has also never kissed a guy. I know that now. I meet her at the tube at 730pm, she’s wearing light make up, black leggings and a yellow jumper. She is tiny, we hug as I meet her, I decide she is better looking than I remember. Maybe it’s the dark. I still feel a bit weird taking her out, I feel like the big bad wolf and she is a little lost innocent sheep. We walk to the first bar, i’m worried that the bar man is gonna think I ‘m dating a 14 year old, she’s actually 23.

I order a beer, she takes a half of beer. We chat and I down mine quickly, she drinks the smallest sips I have ever seen. The level of her drink barely moves, her small hands are turning the glass clockwise constantly in a nervous fashion. She knows she is completely out of her depth, but she is still sat there. Her eyes are small but pretty, she doesn’t make eye contact much. When she does, I can tell that she fancies me.

Yellow jumper yesterday

Yellow jumper yesterday

Her lips have red gloss applied, they match her fingernail polish. I point this out and move her finger to her lips as I do it. I pull her stool into me, so she’s closer and lean in. We are very close. I ask her when she had her first kiss, her eyes widen. She is a little shocked by the question, but relents she has never been kissed. She questions me, how many girls am I seeing? I say one other, a German girl. I tell her I want to be honest with her. She listens, I can tell she is struggling with that. On the one hand she is attracted to me and this is amplified because she knows I have other choices. On the other, she is fighting her traditional Chinese upbringing. Girls only date one guy at a time in China.

I think i’m winning the battle, she takes a few deep sips of her drink. Does she want to get drunk? We leave the bar and walk towards the next one. The tension is built, we don’t say much, I wait 5 minutes and pull her into a shop doorway and try to kiss her. She says it is too soon, I get her to go half way. She kisses me on the cheeks, it’s like being at school again.

We have one more drink in another bar, we play fuck marry cruise, I tone it down to “sleep with”, “marry” and “holiday with”. She has never played it, but gives it a go, and enjoys talking about some of the guys. I play thumb wars with her, she has never played that either. I’m not sure where to go next with this, I can tell the kiss still isn’t on. Thankfully her housemate rings and tells her she’s locked out. I’m not sure if this is a ploy to leave. I don’t care. I walk her back to the station and wish her goodnight.

I know it will be a quite a few more dates before I sleep with her. I’m not even sure I would be able to handle the guilt if I did. I’ve been pretty honest with her so far though. I’m also a bit of a bastard, so I probably can.  She kind of half-skipped away from the date too. I know she’s enjoying the whole experience. I like giving her adventure, I like the thought of invading her tight little Chinese body more.

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