Solo daygame adventures 3 – misery

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In the morning I hit the gym, weights for an hour then a static cycle for another hour. It feels good to be doing some proper exercise. I’m still feeling some of the effects from the heavy drinking on the weekend. I pull my shit together and head out about 3pm to do some daygame. This really is a bit too late, as it starts getting dark around 4pm. I feel a bit tired and morose. I also wonder why I’m doing this, since I already have about 7 or 8 leads now. I’m running out of nights to date the girls on.

I walk up to Portobello road, I don’t spot anything, the cold and drizzle seem to have scared off all the hot tourist girls. Normally I prefer to do that. I grab a coffee and pretend I’m a punter. I’m looking at the stalls selling vintage tat. I let a few “difficult” looking girls walk past me. Then a prettyish girl glances at me, she’s wearing purple leggings and a fur coat. Mid-late 20’s, I run in. It takes me longer than usual to get into the set. She likes the stop, it’s a quick chat, she mentions she has a boyfriend. Well, at least she knows I’m trying to chat her up. First one done.

Then two hours of misery, I walk Hyde park into central. I don’t spot much, the darkness thickens and the rain gets heavier. I weasel one of the hottest girls that I’ve ever seen in London. Then I head to Trafalger square and get a coffee at the Pret. I stand on the square trying to will myself into sets. I’m stood on the steps, there is a girl next to me. Not hot, fuck it, not opening her. I spot one heading across the square, I give chase, she looks too young. No go.

I spot another striding across in front of the national gallery in heels and dark tight clothing. I chase and open her under the street lamp in the far top-right corner. She stops easily, an English girl, mid twenties, dark hair, averagely pretty. She reminds me of my one-itus I had in my mid 20s. I like her anyway, she hooks almost instantly. Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live? First number, easy close.

She laughs at my stupid jokes, I know if i text her she will come out. I’m not sure I want to text her. After that I open two more. One walks straight past, another stops  but says she has to go. I really can’t be bothered, I’m cold and wet and I have one number. I get my bus back to Nottinghill for my date with the Chinese 6. I also have the German 7 and a Polish 7.5 coming up in the next two days.

From misery spouts forth sex with the young hot girls.


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