Why I started daygame

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I remember my first cold approach on the street in London, it was about a year and 1/2 ago. In preparation I’d watched a few youtube videos of some ugly looking fellas picking up and laying women in the street in the day. I thought, if those ugly bastards can do it, why can’t I.? Just goes to show my mind-set back then, I still assumed looks were the over-riding factor when it came to laying younger, hotter, tighter. I didn’t realise that game, and in particular daygame are a learned skill set.

I had gotten back from Thailand where I had been training Muay thai. Before that I’d had a bit of a life crisis, which I could write about at some point.  I came back to London at the end of summer 2014, looking the best I ever had. I was toned and fit. I found a contract IT job and moved into my apartment in Nottinghill, then I didn’t get laid for 3 months. Amazing really, I was pretty confident due to my training, I was in good shape and I was full of drive and hope for a new life in London. However, I had no way to deliver my value to girls.

My last lay had been a cute Asian girl I met in Singapore through couch surfing. I’d messaged her and about 20 other girls. She’d liked my profile, we met up for dinner one evening and we clicked, I kissed her on top of Marina Bay Sands casino. Next day she showed me around Singapore. We took selfies together, then I invited her back to my apartment at lunch and banged the fuck out of her. We spent another 2 days together fucking and doing tourist stuff. She took me to the airport when I flew back to London.

In South East Asia where you have the “White man god” syndrome, getting pussy is easy, in contrast London is tough. I initially tried Tinder, I even bought the auto-swipe hack app, so I hit several hundred matches in a few days. I tried messaging a few, eventually I got an early thirties Vietnamese girl out. I fancied her, but she was completely full of herself. I had one date with her and got a kiss, then we messaged back and forth. I never saw her again.

My only sexual outlet was the Singapore girl, she used to send me naked selfies and we’d sex chat. I was frustrated, I wanted something physical  so I went onto some of the pick-up forums.  Night game had gotten me laid in the past, I eventually ended up going to a London pick up group meetup. I remember meeting some guys at a bar in Soho. Initially I was amazed at how social they were, and how forward they were with women. They weren’t even drinking alcohol, they drank soda water and lime. New world. I basically just followed them about for the evening, I’m not sure if I even did any approaches.

Next weekend I met Xants and another pua through that group, we did some night game in Chelsea. That is the lion’s den for girls, the girls are hot, privileged and your competition are rich tall young well-spoken English guys. To be fair to myself, I did get some approaches in, but the whole thing was emotionally draining. I remember just wanting to go home at one point after some posh English bird had given me the eye-roll and walked off. I also remember another one completely ignoring me, I was shocked.

Then Macca moved to London, and there was a period with him where we would do night game 3 or 4 nights per week. We’d go to the same bars and push each other into sets. We tried a few areas of London, central and Nottinghill seemed to work best. I was reading a lot of Chateau Heartise at the time, so I’d take the lessons from there and try and apply them in the evening. I had various amounts of success, no lays, but we both got kisses. We were relying on lowish quality young European tourist girls.

One night, I thought it was on with a girl, that was on a London bar crawl, I really pushed it with her. I remember her being really into me, and having fun with her friends. Then we got to a club, I lost her, later I saw her necking some other guy, younger and better looking then me. Her friend saw me watching, and shrugged at me, I remember she had a look of pity in her eyes. I went home drunk and angry that night. Fuck night game.

I was also angry with pickup group I’d joined, there were a few good guys on it but most seemed to be self-obsessed or weirdos. One day one dude, a buff pua posted a pic of himself in bed with two chicks. I was angry at how easy it was for him, he was doing good looking guy game. His advice on the whatsapp group was just be alpha and women will sleep with you. I laugh now, but then, that was the last straw. I left the group.

Then I tried some meetup groups, I used to go to language exchange classes, I did get some interest from some of the girls. I never really escalated enough with them or showed enough intent. I gave up the language class and going to meetups. So my final outlet was daygame. Roll forward to my first approach, it was a cute Italian girl on a Saturday morning in Portobello road. It took me an age to open her, I did it though. I was extremely nervous, I was shaking and my voice was breaking. I could tell she knew I was nervous, it was a pretty short conversation, she’d just moved to London, was friendly. I got her number, score. I texted her, she never texted me back. First daygame number to nowhere. ha.

Red leather jacket, yesterday

Red leather jacket, yesterday

I was stoked by that, one number. Yes, marriage and kids with her. Next day I went central with Xants and another wing. We pushed each other into sets, I did OK with some friendly girls on Carnaby street. Even got a few numbers, then I followed a girl onto Regent street, was about to open her, when I spotted a different girl. A cuter one, sat on a bench in a red leather jacket eating a sandwich. I switched up, approached her instead. “I like your leather jacket”. She was an Italian Au Pair, she beamed and smiled back, she’d bought the jacket that day. I was about to go for her phone number, Xants was watching the set. As I picked up my phone, he’d texted me. “Take her for a coffee now”.

I did, and I same day laid her. Fucking hell, this shit really works.




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