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First +1 of the year done last night and there isn’t much to write about, in fact I think I can summarise it as; yes girl, did not fuck up.

A slightly longer version is; met a yes girl Italian in Notting Hill on Sunday, responded well to texts, met at Oxford Circus did 2 bars, kissed in 2nd bar, extracted to my flat in an Uber where we fucked without any LMR and the sex was fine.

I’m a bit underwhelmed.

In essence I think I’m going to have to start chasing hotter girls only, don’t get me wrong, she was a 6 which is OK. Just okay….. A year ago I would have been over the moon but now I’m just a little underwhelmed. Part of the problem again came down to the fact I thought she was hotter, she’s pretty, she’s 29 but looks more like 24 (she actually told me to guess her age but before I did said “take what you think and add 5 years” she was right as an honest guess was 24) she dressed well.

Dressing well. I’ve had a few of them recently. They dress well…..What does this mean? I’ve come to conclude that it means they know which clothes to wear to make themselves seem more attractive than they actually are. This inevitably leads to disappointment like a kid at Christmas who runs down to find a huge box wrapped in fancy wrapping paper, it must be the new games console he wants! He tears of the paper to find out it is the console but wait, there’s only 1 game and it’s some gay racing game, it’s also only got half the disk space and it’s the lower memory model. He’s now disappointed as his expectations haven’t been met.

And this is through daygame, I met her in the street in the day in broad daylight. She looked pretty on the date, she looked thin, she’s probably only a size 12 and she’s still 4 years younger than me. I can only imagine the disappointment internet dating guys must suffer.

Anyway that’s +1 which takes May 1st 2015 to April 30th 2016 lay count to 14 and my lifetime laycount to 18. I’ve got another date on Thursday but I think that is massively going to be more of the same. Still I can’t yet afford to be too picky if I want to hit 20 by the time May roles around. I’ll either hit that goal by then or not, after that I’m going to set my sights on a lower but higher quality notch count.

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