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Seems like I’m never gonna get my dick into her. After she flaked on Monday (A genuine reason I think), I reorganised for Wednesday. She confirmed the date on Monday, I don’t contact her Tuesday. Then I send a date confirmation text Wednesday morning.  It gets to 6:30pm, we are due to meet at 730pm and she still hasn’t confirmed. I text her saying see you soon, I see she goes online and reads it. Then “Today?” she responds. I tell her “It is Wednesday, ;)”

Then nothing for another 30 mins, I’m wondering what the fuck is going on. I take a shower, tidy my room and get ready anyway. She still hasn’t agreed to the date and it’s 7:25pm. Since she hasn’t said she won’t be there, I assume the sale anyway. At 7:25pm I tell her I’m gonna be 10 mins late. I walk to the meeting point, I’m not sure if she will be there or not. She still hasn’t responded agreeing to the meet.

I’d thought about letting her off the hook, or directly asking if she was gonna be there. That would give her the opportunity to say no, so instead I just assumed she’d meet. It’s not a big sacrifice, a 10 minute walk each way if she didn’t show. I also reasoned, I could try some gutter game if she wasn’t there. I turn the corner, I can see she’s stood where we are due to meet. One point to persistence.

She’d just got back from her English class on Oxford street. I think I’d made her rush as she wasn’t expecting the date. One of the first things she tells me is that her friend, the Brunette, is sick and throwing up. I tell her it must be too much alcohol, she quips back “Probably not enough”. I like this girl. We walk to the first bar, she takes off her coat and I get to check out whats on offer.

She is wearing, what I can only describe as a school uniform. A white shirt, massive tits, immense cleavage and a grey skirt. I say I like her outfit, she says thanks, it actually is her old school uniform. I get immediate wood. We drink a beer there, she’s easy to talk to. It’s just chit chat at first, I start touching her and pull her stool in, so she is in between my legs. I take the piss out of her for 30 mins, she loves it, a lot of mock outrage. I was going to whisper in her ear, I pull her in, but she seems like she wants the kiss. I kiss her, she is a better kisser this time.

German lederhosen, yesterday

German lederhosen, yesterday

We leave the bar, and walk towards my place. I tell her we can have one more at mine and watch a movie. She agrees, but she says her friend is sick so she can’t stay too long. I tell her fine, I have to get up early in the morning for work. I ask her what is the most romantic thing any guy has done for her. She tells me that one guy one Christmas had given her some presents. That he’d parked his car a few miles from her house in Germany. He’s sneaked to her house and left a shoe with a diamond bracelet in it for her. He texted her, telling her to look outside. So here is a lesson to you, she then never kissed him or went out with him, she kept the bracelet too.

I tell her I’m not romantic, that I break up with girls on Valentines day, and my last girlfriend I bought her a snickers for Birthday. Then she says, “what if you really love some one?”. I tell her I never love anyone more than myself and my family, but If she’s lucky I might buy her a snickers bar. She punches me on the arm. We’re back at mine, I put the movie on, more kissing, I get out her tits, they are awesome. I try and put my hand between her legs, they are clamped shut. I do get some over the tights pussy touching.

Her friend then goes full cockblock mode, sends her 30 texts and calls her twice. She seems worried, I tell her look if she can send you thirty texts and can call you, I’m sure she will live. She seems unconvinced. I get her talking about the last guy she slept with, It was a Danish guy she met in Bali. She was there 3 months ago. It sounded like quite a passionate holiday fling. I asked how it ended. She tells me he proposed to her on the beach in Bali. I ask her “he was joking right?” She says no, and he got very upset when I turned him down. She asks me if that’s bad, I tell her she should do what she feels. Two beta stories, wow, I think because she seems so sweet that she brings out the Beta in men quickly. She is pure Beta bait.

She asks if I have ever proposed. I turn it around, “I tell her she would have to propose to me, but I’d probably say no”. She’s mock outraged again. More kissing, her friend texts again. I go to the bathroom, I’ve had a beer and a bit of wine, I’d bought some viagra, I’d not tried it yet, so today is a good a day as any. I pop it, splash water on my face and return. Fuck, she’s started to put her coat on. I try a last ditch effort, I get her horny pushed up against the wall, hand under skirt, kissing her neck and chest. She moans, then her mate rings again. Fuck.

She says “not today”.  Gets dressed and is ready to go. Fuck. I can tell anymore is off the cards. In my previous life as a Beta I might have been upset. I stay cool, no worries I have to get home up early. I walk her back, mostly to find out where her student accommodation is. We chat, and there are a few more kisses, I leave her at her place.

Then walking back the viagra kicks in, my jeans are rubbing against my dick as I walk making it worse. Fuck sake. By the time I get home I am full on ready to go. Another case of blue balls. At home, I finish the half glass of wine and fall asleep. I know I’ll see her again, she’s here for another 4 months. It was a good shot at banging her, pushed it as far as I could.


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