Life re-engineering

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Take action. That’s one thing I sometimes do well. Not always of course, I spent 9 years trapped in a marriage that at times was rewarding but often deeply troubling and should have ended it sooner. I was deeply beta in that marriage and put myself second in almost every way which was not only bad for me but deeply unattractive to her. Still we have now been separated for 18 months and a divorce will be finalised soon.

Generally though I do take action and I have been working on my goals I set only a couple of weeks ago. The prime one being my work status, it has changed, not quite as I’d planned but certainly for the better.

I’m now technically self employed, I can work whatever hours I want from whatever location I choose, I’m free to take 2 months to do Eurojaunts over the summer.

I’ve been capitalist for a long time but recently I’ve moved even further to the right and I now think the tax I’ve been paying is ludicrous. It’s safe to say I’ve been paying the salary and pension contributions¬†of at least one government employee, probably an Equality Officer or some bint in HR and for the shit load of free biscuits they no doubt shovel into their gullet every day.

I used to think this was my duty but not anymore, I’ve had an accountant set up a cunning but entirely legal system that will cut my tax bill in half.

I will also take home a much larger slice of the money I make than I did before. I am of course shouldering more risk. Well, actually that’s not true, in my profession if you don’t bill you get sacked pretty quickly anyway. I’m shouldering marginally more risk.

The upshot of all this is I have more freedom and flexibility and if I do the same as I did last year my take-home pay will double and I can spend all summer running game throughout Europe.

I just need to remember that I do still need to work and bill otherwise I’m royally fucked.

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