Solo Daygame Adventures 4 – HongKong

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So I’ve decided that German girl is now tooling me. Despite a good D3 she hasn’t responded to my date request for Sunday. My internal debate is firing between being persistent versus telling her she’s had her chance. Always the advice is do the opposite to what a chode would do. So in this instance she has waiting too long to reply, a chode would let her off the hook, I can’t.

I feel like I have to tell her its off, she’s showing no want for my attention. It will be a strong push, but I think that is what she needs. Maybe the alpha thing is just to stop all communication. Fuck. I have to do the counter-intuitive and cancel nothing else is a strong enough push. Fuck her.

I hit Portabello Road in the afternoon, walked down. First set was hard but she stayed listening. I ejected because I really didn’t fancy her. I decided to park myself near Nottinghill Tube. It has a fair amount of traffic, I watched the people leave the station and approached likely targets. I did four or five with no luck. Then  spotted a girl with heels and dark black yoga pants. She was short and was wearing a winter jacket. Her yoga pants gave me instant wood, she had a good body and was showing it off.

I ran in, I hadn’t seen her face at this point. She was heading the wrong way to the market, I told her I can show her the way. We walked to the market. She was pretty, a Chinese HK girl, questioned me a lot, I kept looking at her ass. I ignored her heavily accented american HongKong English and teased her for being Chinese. She has some banter back, which I mostly refused to answer to. She’s not that funny.

We had a Starbucks coffee, she opened up about her life. I told her little about me. Then we walked the rest of the road. In the bar I’d been sure to pull her into me. I pulled her stool in, touched her hair, arms etc. It was funny to see the physical boundaries break. From her literally flinching when I touched her to my hand on her legs and her being very close to me. It is pure try and fail, try a bit more escalation, fail, try again, but it works.

I got her talking about her life, then we walked up the rest of Portobello. On the way back, I pulled her in to me for a hug, Then pretended to kiss her. She pulled away slightly at the last second. More walking, more pulling her tight little Asian body to me. Little resistance, but enough to scare off betas. I decided I’d burn it down, I pushed for the kiss, pulled her hood over her head and went for it. She kissed back passionately. Kiss Done.

I walked to another bar, I escalated. I knew it wasn’t on, because of her history. One beer, more kissing. We  left and I walked her back to the tube. Fucking hell solid close for a very cute Hong Kong girl. I’d literally done only five sets before her. You know what, I know I’m going to lay her too. 6 sets until sex.

Score, I love Daygame.

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