Winged daygame adventures 1 – Grind grind grind

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2 days of winged daygame and I have 6 numbers. Late 20’s Korean croupier just moved to London, 2 mid-twenties French girls, an early 20s English girl, an early twenties Chinese girl. It’s been a mixed bag of results, none of those girls stand out for me in terms quality. One of the French girls was quite cute and seemed to “get it”. She’s even been asking me how I did the rest of the day approaching girls. She told me to keep going with it, which is kinda patronising and kinda heartening at the same time. I liked her, shame she was leaving next day. Normal fucked up logistics. She’s only in Bath, so I could do a trip to see her.

Both my German girls cancelled the dates I had with them today. Actually one confirmed then didn’t bother to confirm the date/location. I decided to reengage the Colombian who I kind of fancy but didn’t like her breath. I’ll force feed her mints. I’m rolling off the German for a bit. Actually it seems I’m rolling off all the girls, as most seem to be pretty shit at responding with any conviction.

I had a few beers on Friday / Saturday nights. Saturday night was a heavy one, so my vibe was a bit off today. Although by the end of the day I was pretty in state and everything seemed to flow well with the stops.

Memorable sets:

  • English Actress late 20’s starring in a Period drama for BBC. She loved the stop. She had a BF.
  • Short well-put together Lawyer – sexy outfit – She loved the stop – “made her day” – she was married.
  • Romanian girl – initially I thought was hot, she loved the stop, accused of being a squirrel. She had bad teeth, so let her go.
  • Asian girl with camera – I scared the shit out of her – despite giving her a good 10 ft stopping distance.

And this is why I love daygame, I was walking back home from Nottinghill Gate Tube and a sexy short Spanish looking girl passed me on her own. She didn’t IOI me, but she was a proper DNA-tug girl, I fancied the fuck out of her. The hottest girl of the whole weekend. Normally I’d weasel it, “she looks mean”, but I said “fuck it” and ran in. She stopped and hooked easily, laughing about her “horse-riding boots”. “Where did you park your horse today?”. Italian, very well kept, deep brown eyes, great skin and a friendly warm personality. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend and wouldn’t give me her number.

As hot as sthis

As hot as this

Without daygame I wouldn’t have even had that shot at her. 😉


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