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Fuck me it was hard. Cold, bitter wind today, struggling for state. Still we did go out, we did open, we did get numbers. I also got to hang out with my buddies, at one point yesterday there were 5 of us, which is really too many. We do seem to be getting to know most of the active daygamers in London, there really aren’t many. The key here being ACTIVE, not dablers.

Numbers, 4 they all seem to be dead though. My last lay took 16 numbers so if I’m positive this weekend was one quarter of a notch, if I’m negative it was a complete waste of time!

Now the fun bit, blowouts, I’ve had some harsh ones. My favourite being a hot English girl on Argyll Street “Excuse me, hello, you look great, you have to stop!”

To which she irritably replied “ERRR NO I DON’T.”

Turns out she had a point.

Mr. S has also discovered state robbing which he took much enjoyment in all of Saturday. As such I have no problem in relaying this story….

As we’re crossing the road he sees a fit Blonde who looks about 20 with huge tits and announces “She is mine!” and storms off. RamboPUA says, I think she’s part of a 3 set. We watch in amusement as another 7 girls pile into the set from behind and the rest look way younger than their friend, they’re actually more like 14, he quickly bailed. It dented his state but did wonders for mine.

Frankly I knew January would be bleak and it is, I can’t wait for long, warm sunny days.


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