Solo daygame adventures 5 – Immac

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I had a miserable afternoon, I hit the gym in the morning. Some weights, I tweaked my shoulder, frustrating,. I know I have to rest it a bit before training it again. I pushed through the tweak a month ago, and suffered really bad pain with it for a week. Fuck it, I’ll probably just try and push through it again. I don’t learn.

Shoulder hurting, Monday blues and a mild post-hangover depression. Let’s do daygame. I get ready and hit Portobello road again, there wasn’t much to shoot at. For a tourist place all the girls seemed to be in a rush, or dressed far too well to be an actual tourist. Weasel.

I opened one girl by the station, she was fit from far away. She IOI’d me as she wandered past. An easy in, I ran in front, oh god, terrible skin, and a slightly hairy top lip. She is Thai, a fashion student in London, on a day off from her studies exploring London. My spider sense was tingling, I’d hit a “yes girl”. Shame she wasn’t actually hot. She was dressed semi provocatively in shorts and tights, bear in mind, this is a pretty cold day. We were outside Boots. Would it be wrong for me to take her in there and buy some Immac? That would be a pretty alpha lead.

Needed yesterday

Needed yesterday

I looked at her face. My internal debate kicked in. Can I?, Yes / No. I looked at her figure, it looked nice. She took the compliment well, then stood there with a look of expectation on her face.

“I am fashun stewdent here, from Thailwand”.

I reply , “Oh that’s nice, so what are you doing today?”

“Expworing London, no stud-eeee twooodaaaay”

Yes/ No.. Yes / No.. I look at her lip. i start counting the hairs. I get to 10. I can’t do it. No. No. No. I tell her “I just stopped you to say you looked nice.” I then move out of her way to let her walk past. She still stands there. A slight frown creases across her face, a look of mild dejection. I don’t fill sympathetic. I blame her for not looking in the mirror in the morning. Seriously, how can a fashion student have such bad personal grooming?. Her course is about aesthetics for fuck sake.

Since she’s not leaving. I just walk off. Then she heads off, 10 minutes later she returns and sits on a bench near where I’m stood. I ignore her.

I wait a bit longer a German looking blonde girl passes me. She’s wearing knee-length boots and a dark winter jacket. She looks at me, too long to be casual. Here we go, another easy open. I’m about to stop her by the station, I turn to do it and she has already passed me and headed down the steps.

Fuck this, fuck. It’s cold, I’m getting a coffee. I grab a coffee and sit down in Starbucks.  It’s getting darker, I just can’t be bothered to trawl today. I text the Korean girl from the weekend, she responds instantly. Fuck it, I’ll push for a date in the evening. She agrees.

One open, hurrah. I walk home and open a book. Easier open. I have some dinner and prep for the date. Probably I should have ejected from doing daygame sooner. The advice is, if you haven’t opened a girl within about 10 minutes of starting your daygame session, go and do something else. Anyway, the date with the Korean, that’s a whole another story. Yeah, it’s another fuck up.

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