January Update

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Said id check in just in case Xants or Vaughn run out of things to say. Where am I this month? Well I was hoping for 2 lays a month this year. I have yet to hit it, so while I wait the following are some player grinds I have lately;

  1. Texting girls I have no interest in or have the witt of a raisin.
  2. Shy Girls. Eddie Murphy was right never trust a shy bitch.
  3. Self obsessed girls.
  4. Being up until 3am in the morning for the sake of a notch off a 6, when there’s work to be attended to by 7am.
  5. Oxford Street. I mean why bust your vibe.

Did I mention I didn’t shag anyone I actually liked last year? Yes I shagged quiet a few I fancied, a few 7s, maybe even low 8s going by how some people rate girls, but not one did I want to spend anytime with after the process. Most bored me, most did not even ask what I did after even a few dates, some thought I was literally there to listen to their boring drivel and nod like a dog while increasing their emotional levels every so often when I decided it was time to tease or verbally bamboozle them. If I am being honest I fucked it up in my mid twenties fucking 8 & 9* whores across different continents. Beauty is no longer enough; I need substance, conversations and fun.

Also why oh why do I fancy 27-30 year olds more than 21 – 24 year olds. I’ll go into this in more detail in the coming months. I’ll leave it with a convo I had in a whatsapp group of people in normality I’m apart of (a few ex players in their time but now happy out following societies path). I had just announced I had shagged a 40yo Kate Moss lookalike and one of my mates asked Mr S why is it always one extreme or the other for you i.e. ‘really young or really old’ to which I replied because I think ill fall in love if I go after a girl my own age. At that point I was on a bit of a run so I honestly thought I was being quiet the seducer employing that their way was better, but now I’m thinking maybe I was telling the truth. The one plus is when hitting 40 I wont have to worry about not being able to get the early 20s seen as I doubt ill want them.

I nearly forgot the update:

  1. 3 dates since back in London after Christmas.
  2. Date 1, a polish girl pulled me off onto her chest which some to my laughter hit her face(she was on her period). It was a lead from before Christmas and was our 3rd date. I lost interest and decided there was no point pushing for the notch as it was the 3rd date, I didn’t much fancy her and I knew she was looking for a bf.
  3. 2nd a Palestinian in her 30s. First daygame approach of the year, 1st date lay, never to be seen again.
  4. 3rd a lovely Canadian around my age, job, cute and lives a couple of blocks away. Had one date and will report back.
  5. Fucked it up in the seduction phase of a German girls friend Vaughn is trying to fuck or may have fucked judging from the sounds coming from his room. To be fair she did state she had a bf but clearly did fancy me or at least enjoyed my banter so I should be reporting I at least tried and got a slap. Ps I think Xants may have also turned her off boys for a while.
  6. I read Bodi’s book. A brilliant read.

Thoughts on improvement:

  1. Hit the streets early and number farm hard. I remember the first time I did daygame was around 10am on a winters morning in Sloane Square and yes there was very little around but never the less I still did around 5 approaches in a half hour. There were girls in yoga pants, the streets were empty and pleasant and I didn’t know it at the time but it was building my vibe during the calm before the storm of the busy streets.
  2. After number farm delete numbers that are of no interest. This is not being big headed as I still get days without a single lead but I think everyone has those days and everyone has those days where they get number after number.
  3. Really concentrate hard on gaming girls there was a sparkle in set. i.e. tease shoes or something similar rather than ‘Hi Sarah random but nice etc’. An example of this was when I met a nice English girl in Notting Hill and busted her in set on her dated phone. Looking back I should of text “Hi Sarah I forgot to ask for your postal address in case your phone doesn’t do text, but here goes, blah blah” but instead I said Nice meeting you today, are you always this nice to strangers?. No reply.
  4. If I’m on a date that I know I have no interest pull trigger early with risk of losing her. It’s better than having to go through the pain of 3 dates of the same shit to lay.

To summarise I think everyone will agree your first year is a numbers game which absolutely has to be done. I love Tom Torero’s quote of action first and the psychological will follow. Right now it’s about fine-tuning so the game can be played on my terms. I think they call it becoming a high value man. I brought up that I wanted to only pursue girls of quality from here on out before Christmas so I think its time to follow through. Before Xants attacks me with his HB scale and as I know he actually does pursue and bang legitimate Hot Birds I will make a caveat. Quality to me may mean a 7 with wicked sense of humour or dare I say it the something about her girl that the community refuses to speak of.

After rereading this post its clear I have allot of shit to work out like capitalising i’s. I foresee some dark nights of the soul to come.

Over and out Mr S

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