The ridiculous HB scale

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Everybody knows it, we all use it and of course it isn’t fit for purpose, I am of course talking about the ubiquitous HB scale. As PUA’s, players and aspiring players we all use it to rank girls on a scale of 1 to 10. The reality is though we only really use 3 of those numbers:

  • 6 – I’d fuck her but I’m not going to brag about it much afterwards
  • 7 – I’d fuck her and brag about it
  • 8 – I’d fuck her and you’d never hear the end of it

So what about the other numbers, 1-4 and 9&10?

  • 1 to 4 – Not even appearing on the sexual radar screen, the obese and post menopausal women
  • 5 – Somebody somewhere would probably fuck her but not me (unless I was drunk and then I wouldn’t admit to it)
  • 9 – “Mate, she’s a 9, I’m telling you.” “Show me a picture……Nah, she’s an 8 mate, she’s good but not a 9. I stopped a Hungarian super model in Notting Hill 8 months ago, now she was a 9.”
  • 10 – Everybody know’s 10’s only exist following airbrushing

So there you are, we’re left ranking all girls we’d fuck as either a 6, 7 or 8. A 3 point scale for all girls worth talking about. It’s simply not big enough as we’re left saying things like she’s a 6.5 or she’s a high 8.

I once wrote a 3 page document on the HB scale complete with logarithmic graphs, nowthat was a piece of mind wank that would have made Krauser blush and I’m not going to recreate that here but I do suggest we broaden the scale out slightly.

Also remember if you ever want to piss one of your mates off make sure that, when asked, you rank their girls 1 point below your objective judgement (that’s 2 points below what you’d say if it had been you who’d banged them.)

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