Lay report – Hong Kong 7

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Her texts had been very keen, lengthy replies within minutes. She even had suggested the next time we should meet. I love a “Yes” girl. I like the chase too, but sometimes it’s it just good to get an easy one. Roll around to last Wednesday, I suggested meeting at 730pm in Nottinghill, “for a walk”. I arrive on time, she’s punctual too.

She tells me guys normally arrive late,  I tell her “I’m not like the other guys”. A quick kiss on the cheek, I compliment her then we walk to a local bar. I found a new bar which is next to where the German girl lives. I’ve never been there, but it’s enroute to my place. Since the German girl hasn’t responded to my last message, I decide actually it would be a bonus if she saw me with a hot HK girl. Nothing like competition to fire a girl’s attraction switches.  Obviously it doesn’t work, as we don’t run into her.

The bar is well lit and packed, not the best choice, so we have to sit at the bar again. She doesn’t drink, but when I order a G & T she wants the same. Good. More chit-chat. I examine her outfit. She’s wearing black leggings, black skirt and black top. Sexy. All figure-hugging, she took off her jacket and puts it on her lap. This is a crucial fact.

I pull her stool into me, and stare at her, I can see her squirming under my gaze. I then ease off a little, I pull her in, and whisper “you look very sexy tonight Miss L”. She flushes red, I tell her “you’ve gone red, naughty girl”.  She’s crosses her legs on the stool, I put my hand unto her knee and slowly push it under her thighs. She’s looking at me, talking normally.

I start rubbing her pussy over the tights in the bar, but because of her huge coat on her lap, no one can see. Just as I can feel some wetness, I pull my hand out and keep drinking. She’s barely touched her drink, mine has gone. I debate on getting another, then decide no, I’ll drink some of hers. I pour half her drink into mine. I kiss her at the bar and push an ice-cube from my drink into her mouth.

I drink the rest of mine, then tell her we can go somewhere else. She agrees, leaves her drink. We walk out of the bar, then I push her up against the wall next to a police station. I kiss her and finger her again, she’s kissing back. I tell her we might be arrested, that she’s a naughty girl. We walk back to my place, she doesn’t drink so I pour us some soft drinks. I put on the film “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona”. She takes off her shoes. Good sign. She is very petite, just over 5ft tall.

She asks me if this is how I get all the girls, I tell her “yes, it is”. We kiss, we watch less than 5 minutes of the film before the clothes are coming off. She’s wearing blue lacy panties and bra. I peel the panties off. Then fuck her, the sex is good. She’s telling me to fuck her deeper and harder. She really gets into it, and asks if she can make any noise, I tell her to let go.

Afterwards, we talk, I’m the fourth person she’s slept with, 2 were boyfriends, 1 was a 2 night stand. She prefers western guys to asians. I tell her that her ass is sexy, she says  yes it is a good ass, “It’s good for getting pounded” she says. I agree. We talk a bit more then she says she has to go. I walk her to the station.

First lay of the year and from a hot little thing.



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